Buying diamonds is more than just being in the mood to shop, going to store and leaving with a happy purchase. These exquisite jewels are heavily priced and need a lot of planning before you actually buy them. You need to decide your budget, sort out your finances, check for any sales or discounts with the hope of being able to save a little. All this put together determines the kind of diamond jewellery you’d opt for. Today we’re going to talk especially about one alluring and priceless piece of diamond jewellery: the diamond tennis bracelet.

Origin of the name

How the Diamond Tennis Bracelet got its name is a very interesting story. During the US Open championship of 1987, famous tennis player Chris Evert was wearing a diamond bracelet during the game. While she was taking a shot, it flew from her hand and landed somewhere in the court. She immediately stopped the game and didn’t begin until she finally found it. That’s how the bracelet got famous along with her and came to be known as the Diamond Tennis Bracelet.

The design

The diamond tennis bracelet has a very elegant and classy design. It virtually has no band or bangle for the bracelet. The entire circumference is covered with diamonds and they are simply attached to each other delicately, so only the sparkly gems are seen when you adorn it. There are a few varieties in the main design. You can customise it to fit your preferences; you can add coloured diamonds, any more hanging embellishments, you can also have them in different shapes and cuts. Although the basic structure and design remains the same, a few such changes can definitely made.

The Diamonds of Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden is the oldest and biggest jewellery hub in all of London. Although you will get almost every piece of jewellery here, the place is really famous for diamonds. There are so many stores selling the latest trends and designs of diamond jewellery in Hatton Garden. Diamond tennis bracelet is one of them. It is a timeless classic. The design has been in fashion since decades and still continues to be a jewellery must-have for most women.

These are expensive of course, but their price depends on their design. The type and size of diamonds used, how many are used, the metal for the band, all of this determines the exact cost of the diamond tennis bracelet. If the metal is gold or platinum the cost is more, for silver it is less.

The Diamond Tennis Bracelet in Hatton Garden start from around £2000. It can go up to £10,000 too depending on how lavish the design is. Imported diamonds cost way more than local ones. There are also synthetic or man-made diamond tennis bracelets. They are comparatively cheaper, ranging from £800 to £1000.

You can always visit Hatton garden Jewellers during sale seasons and exhibitions to avail discounts and offers that will lower the price considerably. For more information, you could visit their website or call up a store you know.

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