Wireless Tattoo Machine

The 21st century is here, and everything is wireless. Tattoo machines are no exception. Nowadays, it is possible to do tattoos anywhere and anytime particularly if you own a wireless tattoo machine you can utilize. Since you’ll not have to deal with wires so you’ll never be uncomfortable or living in a noisy environment as you design your masterpieces.

Tattooing is a distinct art. From hobbyists to well-known tattoo artists everybody working in the field has their style and preference.

What is Wireless Tattoo Machine?

According to its name “wireless, “wireless” refers to a machine that is able to run without the use of a power cord and is powered by an rechargeable battery.

The same as an wireless tattoo machine, a wireless tattoo has the exact concept, as it is powered by rechargeable batteries. There are several options available when it comes to managing the voltage system for example:

1. Using an electric battery pack that permits you to change the voltage right from the box, or

2. By using an electronic foot-switch, which is electronically connected with the battery pack and altering the force.


It’s not a good idea If the pen stops working at the middle of work. It is best to delay your tattooing session until you can change batteries, or even allow them to charge.

We suggest you buy a tattoo pen with wireless technology with a large capacity battery. The longer the battery’s life is the longer you will be able to perform your job.

A reliable rechargeable battery should last between 5 and 6 hours in just one charge. For some models with high-end features the capacity can be upwards to 1,900mAh or 2,020mAh, which can provide continuous operation for as long as 8 hours.


This rotary-tattoo pen may give various amounts of ink dependent on the battery’s voltage. If the machine is equipped with an adjustable voltage feature it is able to be used to serve a variety of uses.

You can, for instance, increase the voltage of your pen so that it releases plenty of ink, allowing the pen to function as liner. On the other hand, you can reduce the voltage so that the pen can function as shading.

If you are buying, it is important to verify whether the pen is able to provide a broad variety of tattooing voltages or not. The best pen will permit you to alter your voltage between 5V to 11V.


The more powerful the motor the more efficient it is to design your body artwork. This device for tattoos helps move the stroke in order to let the ink that you apply.

If the engine isn’t strong enough the tattooing process is not able to create a an image with a solid color. This is why tattooing might take longer than you expected.

We recommend you purchase the wireless tattoo gun with a motor operates at a speed of 8,000RPM or 9000RPM. When the speed of rotation is high the stroke will release smoothly ink. Additionally when the needles are rotating quickly, they will not create a snarling mechanical noise.


Modern wireless tattoo pens feature special functions which allow them to shield themselves. Do not underestimate this feature as it can help prolong the life of the device.

In the case of an example, if the voltage exceeds the limit the system, it will alert the motor to cease from operating. This prevents the motor from overheating and mechanically degrading.

Certain models have an magnetic base. It is possible to place your pen onto the case, and the magnetic system will automatically switch the machine into Stand-By mode. This way it will always be ready run, however it will not be constantly using energy from the battery.

Needle Compatibility

Needles are sold as a separate item, and many wireless tattoo machines come with particular needle projection sizes. This means that they are incompatible with other types of needles.

The same is true for tattoo machines with cordless technology, such as those have been tested with the Scorpion Tattoo Machine range, which utilizes magnetic technology to control and adjust the needles.

If you’ve purchased the machine that does not require a cord connector I’d suggest to include the set of needles that work with that particular machine.

Mobile Tattoo Power source

As we’ve mentioned before the wireless tattoo guns are still in development There are a variety of models that differ on what they do to connect a power source. Since wireless models utilize rechargeable batteries and wireless devices use rechargeable batteries, the gun pen is more flexible and more user-friendly.

Get a thorough understanding of what your device is connected to adapters, and how simple it is to plug it in and run it on batteries.

The standard models that are available on the market are those that allow you to change the battery. It’s handy, but some of the lesser-known things I discovered could be the comparability potential as well as the weight.

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