How early is too early to start a baby's education?

Do you know that a baby’s brain starts working even before birth? Medical experts believe that brain activity usually begins during the 5th month of pregnancy and lasts until the kid is 5 years old. Traditional education, which requires a kid to attend school starts from 4 years forward. Some parents try sending their 3 years old too.

You can start educating your kids at home from an early age. Language learning is important. Teach your kids different words and languages at an early age. Parents have plenty of time to teach their newborns everything from reading to speaking to acting.

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Learn by playing:

All kid’s toys are educational to some extent. If a toy motivates sharing, turn-taking, and a sense of empathy, then all of those toys are educational. Some parents allow only education-related toys in the house. But a toy is only valuable when a kid plays with it.

Introduce toys and games that can help your kid learn. like alphabet magnets, lego blocks, learning cards, storybooks, etc. Play games like spelling bee and poem reciting, word hunt and letter search, etc.

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Is your Child ready for pre School?

Parents typically send kids to kindergarten at age of 3 to 4. But if you’re a parent and wondering if your kid is ready for pre-school or not? Answer the following questions and you will know.

1:What is the exact age of your child?

Parents mostly send their 4 to 5 year old to kindergarten. If your kid is active and lies near the graph of 3-5 years, you can send him to preschool. Some kids are more active than others. Parents try to send their kids to school early on but one should always be patient in sending them out.

2:Is your child potty trained?

In school, your kid needs to go to the washroom on their own. Make sure they can help themselves before sending them to class. This will make sure that they’re able to take care of themselves and help save a huge mess if things went south.

3:Are you two ready to be separate?

Kids mostly spend time with their mothers. If you’re a mom that spends most of the time with your kids. Then try and make sure your kid can stay away from you. Parents and kids sometimes suffer from separation anxiety. So practice being alone and away from your kids before sending them to Kindergarten.

4:Can your kid follow instructions?

Schools and education are all about following rules and instructions. Make sure your kids listen and reciprocate accordingly to the instructions.

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kiyara meaning is “God’s precious gift”.


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