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All advanced marketers and business owners clearly understand that Digital Marketing is a key to success in the age of COVID-19. Especially in the Corona crisis, you can see how important digital skills are, not least for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Your internet presence and digital customer interface are crucial for the future of any business at the moment and this trend will be in high demand for a very long time.

The term digital customer interfaces are understood to mean the digital connection between the provider and his customers. Digital customer interfaces are diverse: from chatbots or social media to e-mail.

The Digital Marketing Experts’ research on the subject of “SMEs in relation to digital customer interfaces” showed that SMEs could lose touch with customers. However, the study refers to the behaviour and attitudes of SMEs in the pre-Corona period. Accordingly, it is exciting to compare the results with the changes caused by the Corona crisis.

The aim of a new marketing strategy in the pandemic time is to find out, among other things, which digital customer interfaces are particularly in demand with regard to the Corona crisis. In the way, the pandemic is changing digital marketing in medium-sized companies how business should survive or what challenges and opportunities it gives to the companies. Yes, we said opportunities. While others treat this time as a challenging one we treat it as a time to develop a strategy to dominate the market.

Corona pandemic as an accelerator of digitalization in marketing.

Due to the lock-downs, for most medium-sized companies, many familiar and practised communication options with customers were no longer accessible. What does it mean? It means it’s time to develop new channels and you have to develop them before your competitors do. 

The advertising industry is approaching the corona crisis creatively

The telecommunications industry, video conference platforms and the consumer goods sector (FMCG industry) have also recognized the crisis as an opportunity for sustainable communication and invested a huge amount of money in their business. But they are in the minority: “In reality, advertisers experience that their customers are very reluctant to approve advertising investments due to the corona or react to the uncertainty with marketing asceticism. This reluctance is felt by the all advertising agencies in the world: 81 percent of projects were postponed at the beginning of the pandemic. (according to surveys and statistics). Accordingly, 54 percent of those surveyed fear a significantly negative revenue effect for 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Business associations around the world are also assuming a “worrying” development in advertising investments Billions of dollars increased, losses in the range of ten to 20 percent are to be expected in the current year.

How does the Corona crisis change the digital marketing of SMEs?

Digital marketing has not only been a necessary tool to be competitive since the corona pandemic. The essence of digital marketing includes the generation and evaluation of data, the easy scalability of communication and sales channels, flexibility through agile procedures, the automation of processes and much more.

The main changes are:

SMEs focus more on Internet advertising rather than offline promotion.

Companies are driven into digital measures by the Corona crisis – the upheaval is massive.

Our research shows the ROI, CRO and CPC optimization are playing a more significant role in any kind of Ads in the Digital Field.

Data is the New Oil but unfortunately not for medium-sized companies. They still haven’t sorted out the way how it works.

Digital existing customer care is running – digital acquisition of new customers is difficult for SMEs

As a result, the pandemic does not bring a quantum leap in the digitization of medium-sized companies and this is the reason why we are here. We are happy to support your business and put it on the right way. To find more information please visit our SEO Agency website:

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