tracking software for Android smartphones

Have you ever considered the necessity to track Android phones’ activities? Did you ever desire to know how to trace someone’s phone?

There are several moments when you must think about the need to discover someone’s smartphone’s activity. For example, parents must monitor the digital activities when their kids spend lots of time on their mobiles to know where they have been busy. On the other hand, you also need to know what your employees’ are surfing in their working hours. Or your spouse might cheat on you; tracking apps would be the best choice to consider.  We will guide you on how to pursue someone’s smart device without them knowing.

Fortunately, we live in a digital era where it is feasible to discover how to track someone’s mobile by using any mobile tracker app. Your child’s protection is valuable. However, as a parent, one must guard their kids and assure that the children are not using phones for unethical intentions.

Thus, we have different ways to monitor mobile activities and to keep a quick check on your kid’s social media actions, call logs, messages, and tangible activities.

What Is a Mobile Tracker & Why Do I Need to Track Someone’s Mobile?

Mobile Tracker is tracking software for Android smartphones and other devices. It keeps track of corresponded messages, call records, takes photos, listens to enclosed sounds, controls messages from prompt messaging apps, and claims the GPS locations of the mobile.

Why do I need to track Android phones’ activity?

This question arises in the mind of every person at some point. Digital parenting and mobile trackers make it effortless for guardians to monitor online activities and assure children’s protection. Parents must monitor where their kids are, whom they befriend, and what their social media preferences are.

Also, if your employee is late and doesn’t make it to work on time, employers must keep a keen eye on the employees’ location and ensure that they aren’t wasting their working hours. Or, if you have some doubts about your partner, you can easily track their activities & interactions, which will help you make your relationship better than before.

Mobile tracker apps are the best choice in this regard.

What Options Do I Have?

Among many different phone tracking apps, picking the appropriate one can feel unusual. For example, some cell phone tracker apps only have basic specifications such as GPS location tracking, text message monitoring, call logs etc. In contrast, others have more exceptional specifics, including phone call recording, social media tracking, and remote camera usage.

I have overcome many cell phone tracker apps, but the best mobile tracker apps are those that have an amicable installation process. Some of them:

  • TheWiSpy: Android Monitoring App.
  • FlexiSpy: Tracking App.
  • mSpy: Spying App.
  • KidsGuard Pro: Parental Monitoring App.
  • Cocospy: Employee Monitoring App.

What Features Can I Get from A Mobile Tracker App?

  • Access Phone Calls & Phone Call Alerts:

Tracker apps help you monitor all call logs.

  • Built-in Camera and Microphone Access:

Apps offer built-in microphone & camera access to spy on without them knowing.

  • Monitor Social Networks and prompt messaging apps:

Social media is a vast network, the app allows you to remotely monitor, All social apps installed on the target device.

  • GPS Location Tracking:

Location tracing features permits you to trace the locations and have a keen eye on your kid or employee.

  • Track Text Messages Received & Sent:

One can simply access the SMS records and find contact details of all received messages.

  • Access All Images and Videos:

It allows you to follow all the photos & video updates on the target phone.

  • Keep Track of Web Browsing Routine and History:

A worldwide network; web browsing routines and history can be seen by using tracker apps.

  • Data Export & Import:

You can monitor the data sent or received by different mediums on the target device.

  • Wi-Fi Logger:

Accessing Wifi connections permits you to find the locations of the target device more conveniently.

  • Remote Screenshot and Screen View:

You can monitor the screen timings and can capture screenshots remotely.

  • Activity Logs:

Activity logs can help you monitor the usage of mobile devices. Parents can restrict or limit the app usage through it.

Unlike everything these cell phone tracker apps have some pros & cons also:


  • Allows the Control Panel to keep track of all the mobile’s activity.
  • Keep your kid protected from cyber-dangers.
  • The apps work in the background, So that users won’t notice any symbol on their device.


  • Spy on one device
  • Needs physical access to install the apps.


We have discussed monitoring someone’s phone activity with mobile trackers. People can use them to track Android phones, to discover someone’s location or for other purposes. I highly recommend a cell phone tracker app to monitor someone’s cell phone location

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