How AI Can Help eCommerce Sites Increase Their Revenue

Every business in the industry wants a piece of the popular technology to make their life simpler. The buzzing words in almost every industry are artificial intelligence with increasing application and demand. Your eCommerce site can also use AI to increase its functionality and offerings.

Most business owners don’t want to dive deep into the working of a technology. They are only interested to know its use for their business and the associated benefits. Your eCommerce site will enjoy multiple benefits with the integration of machine learning and AI.

Cost of AI Integration in eCommerce Sites

Site owners are aware of the benefit of modern technology for their business. However, the cost remains a serious constraint while making even the smallest of the change. It makes more sense to prioritise the technology investment.

To your surprise, AI integration will not cost much if you find the right developer for the task. Many add-ons provide the required functionalities at a minimal cost. Moreover, you can provide an exceptional user experience with the use of the latest technologies by taking out instalment loans for bad credit from direct lenders only.

Once the investment is clear, you need to find the proper method to deploy the tools. Small businesses should consider outsourcing the process to save money on hiring and resource acquisition. The service provider will take care of the maintenance and repair even after the deployment if you don’t have the IT experts in your business.

  1. Chatbots

Customer support is critical for the success of any business in a competitive environment. You cannot expect human interaction to provide an instant solution 24*7 because of certain limitations. AI can provide the necessary support to the customers in the form of a virtual assistant or chatbot.

Your visitors can take the help of these chatbots to find solutions for their problems. Some sites even allow the chatbot to assist the customers in finding the ideal product to suit their requirements. It will significantly reduce the calls to your representatives to make the best use of available resources.

  1. Review Translation

Your eCommerce site may serve a business beyond your local area. They may have different native languages to use for the feedback. Now, you need these reviews to create strategies or serve the audience more efficiently.

The manual translation of each comment can take unnecessary time from your busy schedule. You can use AI to automate the process of translation to save yourself time. The same tool can translate content other than text reviews to use the important information available on the internet.

  1. Personalised Recommendations

You might have seen the personalised recommendation from significant service providers such as Netflix and Amazon. They use AI tools to assess our behaviour and find the recommendation from their library. You can use the same tool to provide personalised recommendations to your customers.

The process may seem easy on paper but require a powerful tool underneath. The tool will analyse a huge amount of data from your existing customer to come up with accurate recommendations. These recommendations will help increase sales through email marketing as well.

  1. Marketing Automation

Digital marketing requires businesses to make consistent efforts while trying to create an online presence. Automation can make the entire marketing process more accessible. These tools can gather and analyse an enormous amount of data from the internet.

Your business can use the data to create better strategies for the target audiences. AI is already powering some of the most popular marketing tools in the industry. The automation will also reduce stress from your schedule to focus on other essential tasks.

  1. Product Research

Market research is essential before introducing a new product in the market. The current environment allows businesses to use social media as a market research tool. However, the amount of data can easily overwhelm the manual operations if you are looking to add hundreds or thousands of products.

You can use AI tools to complete the product research on the online platform. It can use a huge amount of data to come up with useful information. Thus, you will have valuable insight to introduce a new product by keeping in mind the requirements of the target audience.

  1. Image Recognition

Google lens was among the first smartphone apps to introduce AI-powered image recognition. Now, you can find the feature in many popular apps with different operations. The eCommerce sites use the feature to allow users to find a product on their site.

The implementation of image recognition is simple when compared to the above tools in the article. It will provide a cool new feature to increase the comfort of the users. More importantly, your website will stand apart from the crowd if your industry is still making small progress in the eCommerce business.

  1. Info Conversion

Most of the eCommerce stores start with a small site to serve limited customers. The user interface, inventory, and database are not optimised to serve a large audience. Moreover, the server and host may require an upgrade to support the increase in demand.

Now, the scaling process will require you to migrate the data from one platform to another. AI can help the process by transferring the content without inaccuracies and formatting errors. The tool will even change the dimensions of images to meet the new standards.

  1. Virtual Reality

A major drawback of online shopping was the inability to try the product in real-time. The trial rooms were extremely helpful to avoid mistakes with the purchase. To your relief, AI has come up with the ideal solution with the introduction of virtual reality in mobile apps.

Users can try clothes and accessories through the smartphone camera to trust their decisions. It will help increase the conversion rate while reducing the cost of returns.


To sum up, eCommerce sites cannot ignore the popularity of AI in their industry. You can use the technology to outmatch the competitors in terms of user experience and targeted campaigns. Moreover, the switch to AI is inevitable, considering the heavy returns from the investment.

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