Addiction creates

Drug addiction is a condition in which the person concerned loses control over the consumption of a certain stimulant or intoxicant. He feels an obsessive desire for the addictive substance, tends to keep increasing the dose, and increasingly neglects school, work, everyday life, and social life. Read here how to recognize drug addiction, what the possible consequences are, and how to overcome them.

A Serious Burden

Addiction can become a serious burden, especially for close relatives. On the one hand, there is a concern for a loved one, on the other hand living together with a person at risk of addiction or addiction is often characterized by extreme mood swings, unreliability, loveless or aggressive behavior up to outbreaks of sexual and other physical violence. In addition, financial worries, a lack of interest in the family, frequent absence from home, and other problems can seriously affect the lives of loved ones. Only an Alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai can save the life of addicted people.

Effect on Children

Children and adolescents who grow up in families with parents who are addicted are affected in many ways by parental illness. Growing up with an addicted parent is associated with an increase in everyday demands, conflicts, and tensions both within the family and in the social environment. The children suffer from conflicts of loyalty, often from feelings of shame and guilt, loneliness and a lack of good contact with their peers, and the (illness-related) social isolation of the family. Because addiction is often taboo on the part of parents and children out of shame, but also out of fear of incomprehension, blame, and stigmatization.

Other problems are the lack of care, Safety, and reliability for the children as well as being overwhelmed by taking on responsibility for housekeeping and looking after younger siblings.

Cause of Violence in the Family

In addition, there is often the increased burden of conflicts and violence in the family or the separation of parents as well as poverty and unemployment. Children and adolescents also find it very stressful if they are not informed about the nature and course of their parents’ illness and are not included in the planning of treatment and if they do not have a contact person for their fears, questions, and problems and do not know whether and where to get help.

Asked, “What can family and friends of those with problems of dependence do, where can they find assistance?” You will find tips from DeAddiction Centre in Mumbai on what you can do yourself and where if you have a spouse with a problem of addiction or if a parent or a friend or acquaintance has a problem of addiction, you may find assistance.

Effect on the body

The body’s reactions can be very different. Many medicines, for example, raise the pressure of the pulse and blood and expand the pupils. In some cases, this can be used to identify drug use. Heroin, on the other hand, does the opposite: blood pressure drops, and the pupils constrict to the size of the head of a pin.

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