High-Tech Mobile Phone Spy App for Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring is the most vital aspect of business because of having direct impact on yield and profitability of the company. The entrepreneurs across the world use different tactics to keep their employees under supervision. The most advanced tool for employee monitoring is mobile spy app.

It enables business owners and managers to keep track of activities performed on company-owned cell phones. The app empowers employers to restrict their workers from getting involved in unproductive acts and wrongdoings.

The use of mobile spy app provides great support to employers. However, the selection of an appropriate app really matters. In this article, we have discussed the most advanced mobile tracking app for employee monitoring.

TheOneSpy Employee Monitoring Solution

TOS provides monitoring solution for employers to remotely track company-owned smartphones. It keeps them updated about online and offline activities of their employees. The app aims to restrict workers from unwanted acts and to boost their productivity. The business owners and managers can keep record of almost every digital activity of employees.

Once you install the app on company-owned android mobile phones, you can keep track of every activity performed on these smartphones. The app comes with web portal or online control panel through which the targeted cell phone can be controlled. Moreover, the app creates online backup of data saved on the targeted device. The end-user can retrieve the data right from the web portal.

How to Monitor Employees during Working Hours

The high-tech android surveillance app lets you watch out almost every action made by your employees inside and outside the workstation during duty hours. The app offers latest spying features to keep employees under supervision. The following features explain how employees can be traced with the mobile spy app of TOS.

Supervise Internal & External Communication

It is important to supervise the internal and external communication of employees to keep them from unproductive gossips and harassments. The employee monitoring app enables employers to read chats of their workers without accessing their mobile phones. It automatically syncs messages saved on their cell phones including incoming and outgoing SMS, MMS, IMs, emails and social media chats. It uploads these messages to the web portal of TheOneSpy from where the end-user can read them.

Watch Out Social Media

The most commonly used social networking apps can be tracked with the help of cell phone surveillance app. It includes but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat. The employers can closely supervise almost every social media activity of employees to prevent them from spreading inappropriate information about company or product. The app lets you see posts made on social media accounts operated on company-owned mobile phones. 

Monitor & Manage Internet Use

The internet helps in streamlining business operations and expanding brand awareness. However, the unsupervised internet use can cause more harm than good. It is likely to decrease productivity of employees keeping them engaged in unproductive acts like watching videos, listening to music, updating personal social media profiles and doing online shopping. The employee surveillance software enables employers to evaluate internet usage of workers by getting access to the internet browsing history of their mobile phones. If workers are found visiting unproductive websites, they can block access to those websites. 

Create Online Data Backup

The companies have to deal with large amount of data the loss of which can cause serious damage in form of finance or reputation. The monitoring solution of TOS enables employers to protect important company data by creating online backup. The app automatically uploads specific data to the online portal of TOS from where it can be retrieved anytime. The app also allows securing sensitive company information by preventing its distribution to unauthorized groups. 

Find GPS Location of Traveling Employees

The mobile spy app also allows supervising workers performing outside the workstation. It allows watching out sales and marketing teams by tracing their locations. You can find out the current GPS location of a worker to ensure he is on assigned visit. Also, you can get detail of every visit made by traveling workers to track their productivity and performance.

Monitor Surroundings of Monitored Devices

The high-tech surveillance software allows monitoring surroundings of company-owned cell phone devices. It allows turning on cameras and microphone of the targeted smartphone by sending remote command. It enables the end-user to watch out what is happening in the vicinity of the monitored device. The surrounding scenes and sounds can also be recorded by capturing photos and videos. These media files can be retrieved right from the online portal of the tracker app.   


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