Washing machines are a need for busy households. Purchasing a washing machine may be a difficult job when you consider the variety of models available. With so many models available, it might be tough to know what to look for when purchasing a washing machine. However, the process becomes far more achievable when you are clear about your own needs. Front-loading washing machines cost extra, but they are worth it as they clean better and use less energy and water than top-loading washing machines. The price of a washing machine varies according to its build quality, the number of features, and capacity, among other factors. Let’s take an example: With 15 wash cycles, the Whirlpool washing machine price will be higher than a model with, say, 5 wash cycles. This buying guide for washing machines will assist you in making an informed decision, so that you choose the correct type of washer for your needs and budget.

Washing machine capacity

The capacity of a washing machine is specified in kilograms, which relates to the maximum load weight that a specific model can accommodate. The greater the capacity of your machine, the more clothing it can wash simultaneously. The capacity may vary based on the size of the family and the quantity of clothes being washed. 

Types of Washing Machines

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines: 

These are entry-level washing machines which feature two tubs. One tub is designated for washing, while the other is used for drying. The garments must be manually transferred from the washing tub to the drying tub. The majority of people choose the semi-automatic machine due to its low cost.

Fully Automatic Washing Machine: This machine is equipped with a single tub for washing and drying. You only need to load the washing machine with clothing and start it. You are not required to pour water or move the items to the dryer. 

Further, there are two types of fully automatic washing machines:

  1. Top loading 
  2. Front loading

When using a front loading washing machine, the laundry is loaded into the drum at the front, but when using a top-loading machine, the laundry is added from the top after opening the lid.

Inverter Technology 

This is the most energy-efficient technology available for front loading washing machines. A conventional washing machine can only work with a particular load and only if it is utilized. An inverter washing machine may adjust its motor speed to the most efficient setting based on the weight of the load. This enables the front load washing machine to operate at the lowest possible power consumption without compromising cleaning performance.

Drum Technology

The washtub is a critical component to consider when purchasing a washing machine. Plastic, porcelain enamel, and stainless steel are used to construct the tub’s drum. Plastic and porcelain enamel are low-cost, brittle, and prone to corrosion, while stainless steel drums are durable, can withstand high spinning speeds, and resist corrosion. Now once again, Whirlpool washing machine price will be higher if the drum is made up of stainless steel. Washing machines with plastic drums are among the cheapest ones.

Spin Cycles:

It’s a feature that’s utilized to dry washed garments. You should verify the spin cycle or rotations per minute of the machine. The more rotations per minute, the faster your garments will dry. 

Wash Programs:

You should be aware that washing machines come with a variety of wash programs. These programs assist you in washing your garments in a manner consistent with your preferences and the type of garments being washed. Certain front load washing machines provide customizable and “save-favorite” settings. These parameters can be adjusted through touch screen or Wi-Fi app controls.


Efficient Energy Use

Front-load washing machines consume less energy than top-load washing machines. Additionally, if your washing machine has an Energy Star rating, it may save up to 30% on energy costs.

Features to Look for

Some of the features to look for are child lock, auto restart, delay start, and temperature control. There are numerous advanced features which are becoming common these days. Front load washing machines have the highest number of features. Just remember, the number of features increases the price of the washing machine.


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