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We lead very fast-paced lives nowadays. We need to adapt to things very soon, and that is hard. Besides, pollution around our environments is increasing with every passing day, and with that comes diseases. Heart diseases have been prevalent in the last few years all over the world.

Therefore, we must always keep our hearts in check. It is tough always to visit a doctor for a check-up; you should try Garmin watches that can keep an eye on your heart rates and check your heart health. Here are a few top sport watch from top brands to monitor your heart rate and heart condition.

Apple watch series 6: 

The Apple smartwatch is everything you may need to keep your heart condition in check. These are some of the best health trackings watches available out there in the market. If you are looking for a smartwatch that can check on essential factors of your health like ECG data or O2 saturation of your heart, this has to be your choice. These watches can also help you stay motivated with different guided workouts and exercise, and as if that wasn’t enough, these watches will also help you stay connected to your messages. These watches are incredibly customizable, so you can also get your favorite colors on these watches.

POLAR M430 GPS running watch: 

The POLAR M430 series of smartwatch have conquered the market by providing some of the best features at the most affordable prices. These watches are a perfect fit for those who need to understand more about training and recovery with fewer distraction data. Also, it offers GPS and workout tracking services. Keep track of your sleeping and also record your recovery status. These watches are water-resistant. Besides, it provides almost eight hours of battery life and shows track training load and recovery statuses.

Fitbit versa 2: 

The Fitbit versa 2 is one of those great sport watches that help you keep track of your health. The Fitbit app you can use with these watches can help you with historical reports and watch your heart rate over time. These smartwatches have overwhelmingly positive reviews and include various features, like 24/7 heart rate tracking and displaying them directly on the screen. Also, it can play music with apps like Spotify and Pandora, keep track of calories burned, steps, and your sleep metrics.

Garmin Forerunner 245 running smartwatch: 

When you are ready to train to the next level, the Garmin forerunner 245 watch can help track your heart rate. These watches feature extensive training data and plan to help the fitness freaks out there with almost everything they need. Even if you are training by the pace and not only heart rate, these are the best watches you can get for yourself. Also, the forerunner series is not only frontrunners in keeping track of your health, but they also have an optional music upgrade that allows you to sync your favorite music apps for motivation.

Garmin Vivosmart 4: 

The Garmin Vivosmart is another incredible smartwatch that helps you with heart issues. These watches not only estimate your heart rate but also help you keep your oxygen saturation in control. These watches are incredible for people with heart or lung alignment. They can measure the oxygen saturation and, thus, quickly raise a warning alarm early before the condition starts deteriorating severely. These measurements might help you to assess if the current medical treatments are working or not. Also, it features a stress monitor that assists you with guided breathing exercises for high-stress moments. Moreover, it receives some notifications from your phone about sleep tracking.

Garmin 45S: 

This is another incredible smartwatch by Garmin that is specially designed to keep the runners in mind. These watches are boasted with GPS, activity tracker, coaching plans, and more, along with heart rate tracking. These watches connect to your phone to receive notifications too.

So, these are some of the best sport watches that help you keep track of your heart rate. Although there are many others, we suggest you opt for the Garmin watches because they are affordable, innovative, and possibly the best smartwatches brand when overall health is concerned. Rush to your nearest Bajaj Finserv EMI store to get one of these watches on EMI, the smartest possible affordable payment option nowadays. Try them today. 

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