After a hard day at work, we all crave a peaceful sleep at night. But an unsuitable bed mattress will not let you sleep peacefully, and you will end up waking with unbearable body aches or backache, which can ruin your day at work. Sleeping on an unsuitable mattress can lead to recurring back pain, which can worsen over the period, leading to a sleep-deprived condition that won’t let you work efficiently.

The simple solution is to look for a single bed mattress or double bed mattress to suit your needs. But, with the countless choices available in the Indian market, it becomes difficult to decide which is the suitable mattress for back pain. 

Here is a list of the Top-3 bed mattresses that you can find in India to reduce your back pain:

  • The Sleep Company SmartGRID Orthopedic double bed mattress

The Sleep Company has included their innovative SmartGrid Technology that uses a unique and patented hyper-elastic polymer material. This double bed mattress is undoubtedly a soft sleeping pad, and the firm support will ensure a comfortable sleeping posture for deep sleep.

The Motion Isolation feature of this mattress will not let you sense any disturbance when the person sleeping beside you makes any movement so that you can stay asleep without any disruption. The manufacturer has included 2,500 air channels in this double bed mattress for smooth airflow, which efficiently transfers the body heat during hot summer nights. 

The Ortho double bed mattress is made out of superelastic materials for better durability without any chance of collapsing or sinking during usage; instead, it will keep coming back to its original form.

  • Wakefit Orthopedic Double Bed Mattress (Memory Foam) 

This Orthopedic double bed mattress from the house of Wakefit is a memory foam sleeping pad. It is capable of adapting itself to the shape of your body to offer maximum support and uniformly distributes your body weight throughout the length and breadth of the double bed mattress, ensuring there are no blood clot formations.

The Wakefit memory foam sleeping pad helps correct your sleeping posture and let you have a good night’s sleep to wake up energised. This double bed mattress makes sure that your spine and hips are correctly aligned to offer you a peaceful sleep.

The breathability factor of this 12 kilograms Wakefit memory foam sleeping pad is very high. It ensures efficient airflow to ensure you feel relaxed and cool during your sleep, even on the warmest Indian summer nights. The Wakefit double bed mattress is made from very high-quality memory foam. It can remember the shape of your body and offer adequate back support while giving excellent convenience and comfort.

  • SleepX Ortho Memory foam Double Bed Mattress

This Orthopedic double bed mattress from the house of SleepX comes with a Soft Quiltech Foam feature at the top and bottom surface, making it one of the softest sleeping pads and offering the required warmth during the winters. The manufacturer relies on rebonded foam to ensure that the mattress retains its firmness and delivers the needed stability.

The memory foam double bed mattress is made of Airmesh fabric that provides unrestricted air circulation within its various layers. The mattress gives excellent breathability to let you stay fresh and have cool temperature levels during the typical Indian hot summer season.

The SleepX Ortho double bed mattress does not need any assembly as it comes pre-assembled. The brand offers a three-year manufacturer’s warranty on this product which is good enough to gauge the durability of this sleeping pad. SleepX Ortho mattress’s unique Neem Fresche technology gives an irritation-free and pleasant sleeping experience by eliminating 99.9% germs and irritants such as dust mites. 

The SleepX Ortho double bed mattress does not include any springs. Its spring-free trait makes it one of the excellent options for couples and people who habitually toss and turn around in the bed frequently during their sleep.

We have gone through numerous single bed mattress and double bed mattresses to compile the above list of the best sleeping pads you can find in India to reduce your back pain. You can check their features and prices to find the correct one suitable for your body and needs.

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