The trend of using Google Maps when going to unknown places is increasing. Although we use Google Maps for navigation on a daily basis, we may not know many ways to use it, which can make our maps easier to use.

Here are 10 settings you need to know about Google Maps
1. Review the navigation settings
The first way to use Google Maps effectively is to review the navigation settings on your phone. Sometimes Google Maps can give you the wrong navigation of the way you always walk.

This may be due to the fact that your phone’s navigation settings may have changed at times, rather than the problem with Google Maps. For example, you used Google Maps to get somewhere. But if you ignore it and leave ‘On’, the next time you use the map, Google will tell you the long route.

So it is necessary to review your navigation settings from time to time. Before you start your journey, go to the profile icon on Google Maps and go to Settings and click on the navigation button. Then you can go to the root option and manage the navigation settings as you wish.

2. Use incognito mode
Once you start using Google Maps, Maps will be able to search your location automatically later. May use your data. To avoid this, you can use Google Maps in incognito mode.

3. Pause location history
If you don’t want Google Maps to automatically follow your location history, you can pause it. To do this, go to the profile icon of the map and click on ‘Your Data in Map’ then go to Location History and click on On button.

This opens a page to control your Google Account activity. Then turn off the blue icon on the side of Location History. This stops your location history and deletes your old data

4. Download the map to use offline
Sometimes when we go to remote areas there may be no internet access. This can be a problem in places you don’t know. For that you can download Man Offline.

There may not be as much matching data offline as there is online. But it can also save you from getting lost somewhere. To do this, go to Map’s profile icon and select Offline Map.

Then click on Set Your One Map and select the location you want to go with the blue mark that appears there. Once the map is selected, download it. You can use the map for up to 30 days from the day you download it.

5. Use multiple stop options
Of course, Google tries to get you to the destination you want from as short a route as possible. But sometimes you may not want to go straight to the destination. You may have to stop at places.

For this you can use the multiple stop option of the map. To do this, first select the route you want to stop. Then click on the three dots that appear on the right side of the mobile screen. Go there and click on the ad stop icon. This way you can go to different places by going to different places.

6. Set reminder
Google Maps also provides reminder notifications to get you to the right place at the right time.

Choose your destination first. Then click on the three dots on the right side of the mobile screen and go to the Set a Reminder to Live option.

This way you can set your departure time and arrival time. Based on which Google Maps gives you reminders for your trip.

7. Use the vehicle icon
You can change the vehicle icon of Google Maps to make Google Maps a little more enjoyable on your journey. Your Google Map usually has a blue vehicle icon.

When you click on the vehicle icon, you can find other options in it, such as the vehicle icon. This way you can also use your favorite icon.

8. Use the public transport option
Normally when you set up your destination using Google Maps there appears a train-like icon. Clicking on that icon will give you the details of the time it takes to use public transportation and its route.

At the same time, by clicking on the option of the device, you can use the route with wheelchair access, short route and other route options, which can make your journey easier.

9. Real time location share
You can also share your location in real time using Google Maps. For your own security, you can share the route of the map you are using. To do this, go to the profile icon on the map. Then you can share the location through the desired platform by clicking on the share option there.

10. Use the map to find out about local businesses
You can use Google Maps to find the location of local businesses around you. You can also find more information about these businesses.

Of the business you want

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