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Forgive the boldness of the title, but you must understand the harm free radicals are doing to your skin right now, and the importance of using hair Growth Serum products that contain them in particular, to combat these bandits that are stealing your health and youth every day.
Let’s first look at what exactly free radicals are and why they are present in your body in the first place. I don’t want to get too scientific about it because the real significance of free radicals will be lost then. Instead, here’s a dead-simple explanation:
Free radicals are unstable molecules that try to bond with other molecules to increase their stability. In doing so, they can and do cause damage to healthy cells and also to the DNA contained within the cells.
In doing so they contribute to the aging process, autoimmune diseases, and shockingly also in the development of cancer.
Unfortunately, you cannot stop free radicals as they are produced by the normal internal functions of the body. Other toxic conditions and environments, like smoking a cigarette or inhaling cigarette smoke, also introduce free radicals to the system.

What does this mean for your skin?

These harmful molecules attack all cells, including skin cells. This is one reason why heavy smokers seem to age faster than non-smokers. The sheer amount of free radicals they infect their body with accelerates the breakdown of healthy cells in the body, and this is visible on the skin. This is why antioxidant skincare is so important.

What to do about it

As already mentioned, you cannot stop these critters from developing, they’re part of the body’s natural processes. However, you can fight them with buy original lip balm products, and specifically formulated antioxidant skincare.
Here are some simple tips:
1. Avoid external pollutants like smoking
Yes yes, you hear it over and over, but smoking is bad for you on so many levels that you simply have to quit the little cancer stick if you’re serious about the health of your skin and body.
2. Maintain a healthy diet
A decent amount of raw foods and veggies will feed your body the antioxidants it needs to combat free radicals and dramatically reduce the damage they do. Berries and grape seed extracts in particular are known for their benefits in this regard.

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