Gifts for anime lovers and fans

There’s a lot happening in the anime industry right now, with AT&T selling its Crunchyroll anime streaming service to Sony’s Funimation Global Group. This combines two fan-favourite anime streaming platforms together. Attack on Titan is currently airing its final season. Viewers are eager to see the emotional storm created by Hajime Isayama.

Animation is a fusion of animation and unique artwork that tells a story. It has become a part of graphic and popular culture around the world. This artistic medium has proven to be a cultural success, allowing it to retain a large audience beyond its Japanese roots. This has allowed a part of Japanese culture to be better understood and appreciated. While anime is a great form of entertainment, there are many hidden layers to it.

It is my favourite form of entertainment. I love anime. I’ve been a big fan of Naruto since the first episode. I can’t even remember how many episodes I’ve finished. Because I am a huge anime fan, I have compiled a list of the best gifts for anime fans.

The History of Anime Book


This book is a great gift for anime fans. It covers the history of anime, its rise to worldwide fame and the people who make it. The book covers the history of anime from the 1910s onwards, its innovators, major breakthroughs and controversies. This fascinating book features unique anime illustrations that anime fans will love.

American Girl Warrior Puzzles


Fans of American Girl Warriors and jigsaw puzzles rejoice over this awesome 1000 piece puzzle! This gift measures 50 x 75 cm and is a great gift. This gift measures 50 x 75cm and is perfect for fans of the American Girl Warrior. This gift features a large picture of all the characters from the anime. Your loved ones will love putting it together as they watch the series on TV.

Jumping Force Game (PS4 and Xbox)


This essential PS4 game will take your obsession with anime to a new level. With a diverse universe of anime characters including Naruto, Dragon Ball and One Piece, this game is an anime lover’s dream! They’ll love battling it out in this expansive world that includes any popular console like Xbox and PS4.

Monopoly Maiden


It’s boring to play regular Monopoly when you can play Maiden Monopoly. This gift is a great way to get rid of the Monopoly set they currently own. This gift is perfect for fans of Maidenhaven. It has a brand new game board, unique character markers and a new currency.

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