Get These Stylish Neon Lights Signs

A great dining experience doesn’t only depend on the quality of the food. The restaurant’s interior decor, organisation and design also play a crucial role in the overall experience.
It can be not easy to decide on a style for your business. There are so many decor and design options. You’ll need to make many choices when opening a new restaurant.

A stylish set of custom neon lights can make a big impact on your business. You don’t need to hire a contractor to make it easy.

Beautiful restaurant interiors are essential. Let’s take a look at these LED neon signs that will entice happy customers to return time and again.

Sign in Neon Open

Our modern neon signs, which read “Open”, are a great way to get free advertising for your restaurant.

This blinking sign that says “Open 24 Hours” is an example of getting more customers. You’ll be able to alert customers of your presence with the neon effects and many other benefits of LEDs.

This custom neon light can be ordered for your restaurant’s front to get people talking about it.

Neon sign available for order

These custom neon signs will instantly impress customers when they walk into your restaurant. These signs will make it easy for them to navigate their way.

Neon sign: Pay Here

These signs will reduce waiting times and control traffic patterns for your customers.

To direct your customers to the best places for refreshment, place a neon sign with both gents and ladies near the washrooms.

LED neon lights

These LED neon lights can be used to make customers’ trips to the restrooms more enjoyable.

Because it is rare for businesses to make an effort to decorate their bathrooms, you’ll be sure to attract customers.

Food and Drink LED Neon Signs

High-quality LED neon signs are essential for restaurants and other eating establishments. The LED neon signs for food and beverages will highlight current offers and specials.

You can also use our custom neon signs to decorate your restaurant and create the right atmosphere.

This one is for burger lovers. This neon light is delicious and fantastic.

It is made with energy-efficient LEDs, and colours that will make customers want a juicy burger.

Burger Neon Sign

According to the old saying, a burger on a wall is worth a million dollars on a plate.

This neon light is perfect for all the burger lovers who visit your restaurant.

Fries are a popular choice for many people, but they need to be understood by customers before they order.This LED neon is an excellent piece of custom decor that will create a constant craving in your restaurant.

Milkshakes and Ice cream Neon Signs

These custom neon signs, which are made of the most delicious ingredients in milkshakes and ice cream, are exactly what we would like to receive.

Ice cream neon signs

  1. This custom LED neon sign adds a Malt Shop feel to your restaurant. It is ideal for ice cream lovers.
  2. This neon light will make you squeal.
  3. People prefer hot food to warm, because they like both the aroma and the taste.
  4. This custom neon sign can be made for your restaurant. Watch how customers react.
  5. Many people love fish and chips, and they are so easy to prepare.
  6. This custom neon sign is sure to attract locals and tourists alike to your restaurant’s most loved dish.
  7. Get yours today and attract customers.

We all know that most people drink tea or coffee. These two beverages are a vital part of their morning routine.

It awakens them and stimulates them, allowing them the ability to perform their responsibilities effectively.

Neon signs for coffee and tea are a great way to add colour to your restaurant and draw customers in.

What is the cost of a custom neon sign?

  • A custom neon sign costs between 200 USD and 1000+ USD.
  • The Neon is the best brand to transform your logo, design or crazy ideas into neon.
  • Here are some factors that affect the cost of a custom neon sign.
  • The size of the neon sign (larger signs are more costly than smaller ones).
    The text size of the custom neon sign. More words or letters will equal more cash.
    The price of the neon sign will depend on its design and complexity (adding logos and images can increase the cost).

How do you make a custom neon sign?

Kings of Neon custom LED signs are made with acrylic backing and LED neon tubes. Tube material diffuses the LED neon lights and creates a continuous glow.

Each neon sign is custom-made to your design specifications. Signs can be hung on walls or other backdrops easily with pre-drilled holes.

You will also find a power adapter that allows you to plug your neon light directly into a power source.

Yes. Your neon sign can be left on 24 hours a day without any adverse effects. Our signs are energy efficient, so your electricity costs will be minimal.

Signs also come with a safe-to touch technology so that you don’t have to worry if your signs heat up.

Are neon signs bad for your eyes?

No. No. It is safe to use unless it becomes too bright for your comfort.

You’ll still be fine if the light is set to a standard brightness.