YouTube is second only to Google, Yahoo! It is the second largest search engine in the world after. Choose a YouTube channel username that reflects your brand. Use this for all social media, email signatures, and marketing materials Free YouTube Likes. Create content that contains keywords with high conversion rates. This will help you stand out in your niche and improve your inbound (backlinks) and page rank (PR) on your site. As with any tool, learning video marketing is worth it. Then you can use it well to attract more businesses.


Tips for setting up YouTube videos for your business:


  1. Title keyword


  1. The descriptive keywords are very important to SEO, along with a well-written copy that contains the keywords (but does not include keyword abuse). The summons and linked URLs listed in the description. Link to the sales page (convinced), subscription page, or order now page, depending on the results you want.


  1. TAGS uses as many keywords as possible because these categories affect the results.


  1. Insert annotations with keywords, subpoenas, and URLs that are appropriate for your SEO.


  1. Add text to help the hearing impaired and use automatic captions to reinforce the message (listening, viewing and reading information will keep it more accurate)


  1. Organize your videos into playlists to help you manage new customers and direct them to useful categories such as product types, niche topics, and FAQs.


  1. Link your YouTube account to Facebook to automatically update and integrate social media accounts such as Twitter.


  1. Build your exposure quickly by posting video replies to other top-ranked videos in your keyword niche. Send a link to the video to the mailing list to encourage list subscribers to rate and comment (request feedback) to improve SEO.


  1. Build a backlink to rank higher. Add it to your blog,,, Squidoo. Create an article in Squidoo that describes the content of the video and use that video in the article. Then send the Squidoo article to the Web 2.0 site. Place on other video sharing sites such as Screencast, Viddler, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Google Video,


  1. Use the YouTube channel Insights tab to analyze viewer demographics and more


People search the web to consume information, so make sure you share useful and valuable information. Say “Don’t sell” on YouTube videos. It’s interesting to make sure and share it as genuine and humorous. smile! Please animate a little!


Think about your ideal viewer or target customer, and then provide them (or dear friends if you feel more comfortable in front of the camera) with stories, case studies, useful facts, advice, or insights. Imagine being there. Record the voice of the client. Record FAQs for customers.


As an example of how to generate concrete results from YouTube videos, use traceable URLs, vouchers, promotional coupon codes, phone numbers, subscriber offers, and other clear action phrases to encourage viewers. Convert to subscribers or sales. Explore niches on YouTube and Yahoo Answers to understand your current dialogue on niches / topics. Find people who already use / like your product or service, comment on their videos and start engaging with them.

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