The life of a freelancer feels like a road not taken. Sometimes it’s smooth and sometimes bumpy but there’s a reason why people stick to freelance. It can be the flexible timing or the excitement of working on a wide variety of things. However, when you’re starting it can become difficult to get clients regularly. You might have a network for a gig, but what if you’re missing out on millions of opportunities through the internet. Are you wondering how to get more clients online? Let us explore ways to expand your horizon of opportunities.

Create a video portfolio
Video is the most consumed medium on the internet. As a freelancer, you must have a video portfolio that tells all the viewers about you. Often words fail to do justice to the work that you do. Videos allow you to unleash your creativity upon it. You can make yourself a creative portfolio using a free online video editor. Creating a video portfolio will help you to give your work structure. You can compile multiple projects that you have documented in the form of a video. This will not only cover all that you have done but will bring credibility that will be visible.

Apart from compiling your work you can also record a video introduction that can be attached to the portfolio. If you create a video resume you’ll instantly catch the eyes of the client. As for the introductory bit, make sure to have adequate light on your face and a quality microphone that will catch your voice perfectly and provide a crisp audio output. You can add elements to your background to add depth to your video portfolio. A video portfolio will ensure that your clients are sold before they contact you. Being confident and beautifully highlighting your work shall prove to be fruitful for you.

Share testimonials, reviews, and ratings
Your client’s reviews, customer testimonials, and ratings will mean a lot in the eye of the public. As a freelancer, you must highlight these as they bring credibility to your brand. You can create a video testimonial as it has a human presence that will build trust. Sharing reviews online with the help of social media will boost your profile. Try and keep the rating public so that a client feels that you’re transparent with your methods. Testimonials don’t feel like an advertisement and they’re more effective as it’s your clients speaking in your favor. Once they share their experiences with you, you can stitch them together to create a video to be shared online.

Share this honest feedback across every online portal that you’re active on as it will attract more clients. You can also share tagged stories and posts on your social media account. It often triggers your followers to connect with you.

Optimize your portfolio website with SEO
Search engine optimization is the most important tool to grow your freelance career online. According to statistics, there are around 95,000 google searches every second. Why wouldn’t you want to appear on one of those searches? Optimizing your social media profiles along with your website can get you more visibility that will increase the chances of landing gigs. You must target multiple keywords ranging from high to low visibility. Social media bios need to have relevant information that will instantly help the clients to land up on your profile. You must update it with precise keywords that speak of your brand personality while highlighting the elements that make you stand apart. Distinct brand names that go with your skill will earn you brownie points. You can use outbound and inbound links along with headings that increase the chances of your profile being crawled up.

Take advantage of social media

Social media has proved to be a boon for freelancers. However, with the rising online competition over the years, it can be difficult to attain visibility and generate leads but you can take advantage of social media tools to convert visitors to clients. A freelancer must be updated with the trends on social media. You must inculcate your work with the current trend of a social media platform. This will result in high engagement and lead to numerous profile visitors. The better you are with presenting your work the higher chances of you converting leads from visitors. It will be best if you keep your personal and professional accounts separate so that the visitor can take one look at your profile and know about your creations.

Make sure you post regularly and maintain consistency so that there isn’t a drop in your social media reach. If your work revolves around creative videos, be sure to make the most of social media video formats to flaunt your creativity. Keep replying to comments, and messages as it builds a community that is required to grow on any social media platform. While highlighting your best work is good, you also need to take feedback from your community to keep a check on your growth. Applying valuable feedback might work wonders for your freelancing journey. Social media is all about creating value for yourself, to create value you must provide value to your community. This can be in the form of tutorial videos or helpful blogs, giving it back to the community shall help you expand and reach out to as many people as possible.

Join a freelance job website

We’ve already discussed how important it is for freelancers to be active on social media profiles but most people on social media are there either for consumption or creation. It’s rare to come across opportunities on social media but it’s important to keep your profiles updated as it helps you boost your overall brand. To get down to business you can create an account with a freelance job website that connects freelancers to businesses. You can post your projects in the form of videos to highlight your work. If you have a huge portfolio and wish to grow further, you can create a video montage that covers your work beautifully under a set duration. 

Joining a freelance job website will help you get regular jobs according to your requirements. The plus side of joining a website that helps you connect to businesses is that there is transparency of the requirements and payment. These freelancing websites also provide the freelancer and business with a secure gateway. It has everything for everyone. Who knows you might develop a skill on your freelancing journey? 

Keep testing what works best for you

Now that you have grasped the concept of generating leads, take every step forward to create beautiful video portfolios that make your brand shine. You know it’s important to have an online presence across websites and social media platforms to grow your portfolio along with experience. Freelancing is a way of life that must be celebrated. Most freelancers do what they do because they love doing it. Combining these freelance tips will get you more clients but it’s your job to retain them and provide them quality work so that they keep coming back to you for more. Build a good rapport with the client and you’re good to go. 

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