Following a car accident in Los Angeles, you would want to focus on your recovery. Since California is a fault state, the driver responsible for the crash is also liable for your losses, including medical bills.

The typical option to seek a settlement is to file a third-party insurance claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company. Before you do that, you must consider consulting a personal injury attorney LA to know the worth of your claim.

In this post, we are sharing some common tactics that insurance companies use to devalue and deny claims. 

  1. Calling you immediately after the accident. The impact of an auto accident can be hard to process. This could be a vulnerable time for you, and the insurance adjuster would want to benefit from that. They may call you right after the accident and trick you into saying something that helps them. 
  2. Asking for a statement. You don’t have to necessarily give a statement to the insurance company. The claims adjuster may ask trick questions and try to get words out of your mouth. Tell them clearly that you are not well and will not speak until an attorney is there to help.
  3. Asking you to sign a medical authorization release. If you sign for medical authorization, the insurance company may get access to your prior medical records. They may try to use that information to undermine your injuries and what you have endured in the accident. Don’t sign anything before you speak with your injury lawyer. 
  4. Offering a settlement right away. You may feel startled that the insurance company is kind enough to offer a settlement, but keep in mind that that money is way lesser than what your claim is worth. Don’t agree to the first offer – period. If you have hired a lawyer, they will negotiate the claim for you. 
  5. Discouraging you from seeking treatment. The claims adjuster may seem like an extremely friendly and supportive friend, but do not trust them. They may say that they have thousands of such cases, and your injuries are nothing to be worried about. Beware of people who tell you that you don’t need medical care. 

No matter the situation, talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer before discussing the settlement with the insurance company.

It is absolutely necessary to protect your rights and avoid mistakes that could impact what you get for your losses. 

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