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Multi Restaurant Food Ordering & Management System

As the food business grows, firstly the restaurants try to increase the number of products being offered. Once, the products have been established the incremental focus moves towards the number of restaurants in different areas. Still, how many restaurants can one increase in order to cover a certain area? Eventually, they have to rely upon some kind of delivery management system. More importantly, this delivery system should be capable to handle multiple restaurants. As in a single delivery management software will be operating multiple restaurants for the food orders. Having a multi-restaurant food ordering system is a privilege that consumes many of the delivery problems of a restaurant and produces the best returns.


Here are the detailed features of a multi-restaurant delivery system that can be used for food delivery purposes. 

All Control In One Place:

The basic purpose of a restaurant delivery management software is to manage all the orders and deliveries and report them at once. This demands a business intelligence embedded dashboard that reports all the happenings in one place. Restaurants often suffer due to a lack of order management and assigning the proper rider for the delivery. With restaurant delivery software, all of these problems get merged and solved at once. 


When the order is generated from the customer’s end, it goes straight to the kitchen. After being prepped and ready to be served it is assigned to the delivery rider. And delivery software suggests the fastest delivery route, to keep the food fresh and hot. The administrator can even track the delivery rider with the fleet management system embedded in the software. By this, you can manage all the ongoing tasks in one place. 

Increase In Orders From Customers:

No one wants to guide the delivery rider to their place after waiting for half an hour for their food. Also, it’s not a good delivery management software if it’s not pin-pointing the delivery rider to the customer’s place. To fix this problem many delivery management software tried to install the GPS tracking systems. It is a good addition to the delivery system but, does it help the delivery rider to get to the exact destination? No! It doesn’t, it only helps the administrator to track the delivery rider better. 


To fix this problem best delivery management software has proved that only by using the google maps pinpoint feature you can get your rider to the customer. Once, the customer has experienced the timeless delivery of their food they surrender their loyalty to the restaurant. Resulting in an increased number of orders mostly from the same customers

Management Of Delivery Zones:

Delivery zone management used to be a problem where most of the restaurants struggled with huge traffic zones. Sometimes the delivery riders faced cancellation of the order amid the delivery process. This increases the loss on the restaurants’ end. To solve this problem, there is another feature in the multi-restaurant delivery management system. It measures the distance from the restaurant to the customer’s place. Then moves the order to the nearest embedded restaurant’s order list. By this and by the smart routing feature all the orders get delivered in time. 


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