Fake Id vs real ID

When it comes to Identification of an individual you must have the necessary Information about what your id looks like.and is it fake or real?You may be curious about it how to differentiate between fake id and real id?In the market there are thousands of scams where you are unable to find out if the person is using some other person’s identity. Many business industries such as hotels,agencies,stores,hospitals etc require an original ID to keep an eye on suspicious people.

However the problem arises where they are not able to train their staff how to spot a fake id?because nowadays modern and enhanced security features have changed. But fake id makers have also developed advancements in their skills .They can fool the security system easily by fake ids which are close to real ids and you are unable to spot the difference. but in this article we are going to tell you some essential factors which will definitely help you to differentiate between fake id vs real


It is very important for an individual to know about real ID.your identification is the proof of your existence so Before making an id Card for yourself you must be aware of the terms.How does your photo id look?What is the key factor to know about it’s real authenticity?So A california issued id card or driving license have some new requirements set by the government.When you go for making an id card.you have to take some proof of your identity.The proofs include A trip to Dmv office,Californian residency and social security number.

  1. A real Californian issued ID Card is marked with star and golden bear which proves its real authentication.no matter how much a scammer tries to act Smart but they may lose at some points of making a perfect fake id. So A real ID always has the correct birth date which can be easily known by a person’s facial features.
  2. Californian ID cards are made with three layers heat treatment.the layers of card are so much solid they are not easily seperatable.you can check this easy process by putting the fingernail inside your card if the card doesn’t get separated.Congratulations your ID card is real.
  3. You can also check the real ID By pressing the flashlight on the backside of the card which will show a laser shape of a California brown bear.
  4. A real ID can be detected by photographs in which an adult photograph is placed horizontally on the left side.
  5. You can also Check the ID Card by pressing it if there are no lumps and bumps.

There are some key features which can help you out to know if the ID card is real or not if your ID card has all these features brighter than it is real.The Government trains security systems on the basis of these factors that is why they are able to judge whether the ID is real or fake.


Fake IDs are a new trend these days.Manufacturers are using very high end technologies to make fake ids very realistic which nobody can spot. People use fake ids to scam the system and many other purposes.Fake id means the ID is not issued by the government and made by any other institution or id maker which means it can be used for illegal purposes. There are some ways you can easily spot the fake ID.

  1. The best way to spot fake id is to take a visual and physical examination by checking the edge and rigidity of the card. You can easily spot a fake id.
  2. If there are bumps and irregularities in the ID card then it is most likely a fake ID.
  3. If the ID corners instantly split or peel back with your fingernail then it is a fake ID.
  4. You can compare your fake ID with the original by checking the stamps,fonts,spellings,color pattern and appearance of an individual.if the features are different than real id then it is a fake id.
  5. Always check the back of the id because scammers replicated the front side with more focus but provided less effort on the back side of the card.

Fake ID can be detected easily by special security features and chips.you must have to check if the special feature is present to meet the criteria of a valid ID.
By using these techniques you easily spot a fake ID

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