Mitra Eye Hospital & Lasik Laser Centre: When the eye lens gets cloudy it is known as a cataract. In case, your child has it then it is termed as ‘Paediatric Cataract’. If your child is dealing with this problem, then make sure then you take them to the best Eye Hospital Punjab. On-time treatment and following the right preventive measures will help the situation from getting worse, and your child doesn’t have to undergo Lasik Surgery in Punjab. You need to consult the doctor to understand what can be the best treatment choice for a child cataract.

What are the causes of child cataract?

Some of the major causes are:

  • Glaucoma

You may have glaucoma which leads to other eye issues like cataracts.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

One of the major causes behind eye cataracts.

  • Steroid

Steroids might be present in the medicine which leads to cataract development.

  • Poison

Unknowingly intake of poisonous substances can lead to eye cataract as the body and eyes are affected by the poison.

Some of the other causes are diabetes, injury, radiation, and down syndrome. You must consult the best eye doctor on time.


What are the symptoms of a child cataract?

With every child, the cataract symptoms are not the same. Here, we have mentioned some of the common ones:

  • Halo effect is like a circle of light around the objects
  • Light brightness makes it difficult to focus
  • Problem with the vision
  • Cloudy or blurred vision
  • Light glare
  • Misaligned eyes
  • Nystagmus eyes


What are the risk factors?

This problem is pretty common with age but your child will rarely have it. The reason for cataract in babies and children are:

  • Down syndrome
  • Illness


How is cataract diagnosed?

When you consult the eye doctor, he will diagnose your child condition through the following steps which are:

  • Properly checking the health history of the child to see whether any condition relates to cataracts.
  • The doctor will closely check the eyes to look for any type of problem. The doctor is going to closely view the eyes for the retina, optic nerve, and eye lens by dilating the pupil. Close observation of the eyes will help to point better at the problem.
  • Visual acuity test checks your child’s ability to read from a far distance. On the chart alphabets & numbers are present in different sizes.


What is the treatment for child cataracts?

The treatment depends on different factors like:

  • Age
  • Symptoms
  • Child’s health
  • The severity of the condition

Your child may be suggested the option of contact lenses or eyeglasses to help them with this condition. You need to protect your child from getting an excessive amount of sunlight as the UV rays are harmful. This condition cannot be prevented, so you must consult the best eye doctor on time. So, if your child is diagnosed with a cataract or you want to be sure they don’t have this problem, then you should schedule your initial consultation with the best eye doctor at the earliest.

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