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Can we do a keratin treatment on any hair? How long does the effect of the treatment last? If I have bleached or dyed hair, will the treatment damage the color? Is it safe to do keratin hair treatment services at home?

Everyone is Talking About Keratin Treatment. What is a Keratin Treatment

The keratin, in the sense that we understand it, is a treatment for smoothing the hair. In fact, keratin is a protein produced by humans and animals to create hair, nails, horns, feathers… And hair is mainly made up of keratin. It nourishes it, balances its structure, and protects it from external aggressions. And, in general, we damage it by improperly using our straighteners, a color, a hairdryer, or whatever.

By mistreating our hair, it loses its shine and becomes porous. This is how the experts came up with the idea for a keratin treatment. This rehydrates the fiber. The keratin restores proteins and vitamins to the hair. It regenerates and restores its radiance.

Is Keratin Hair Treatment Dangerous for the Hair?

Rumor has it that keratin has a bad reputation because of the chemicals sometimes used, which severely damage the hair when subjected to very high heat. Therefore, it is important to book professional keratin hair treatment services at home or at the salon for making your hair fabulous without damaging them.

When is the Best Time to Do Keratin Treatment?

Even if this question could have been answered “anytime” your hair specialist should always use keratin straightening after having made a cut or a color. This tip is solid and your hair will respond better to treatment if you keep it in mind.

How Long Does the Effect of Keratin Last?

A quality keratin treatment can be effective for up to three or even four months and should therefore be repeated on average three times a year.

What Kind of Keratin?

There are several types of keratins and several different forms of treatment adapted to the type of hair. Some build their formula with argan oil – ideal for normal to dehydrated hair – others instead use cocoa-based components, the perfect option for thin or severely damaged hair. The treatments, therefore, vary the components but also the intensity.

Keratin Treatment at Home?

No. Keratin treatment at home isn’t available. It can only be done in a salon or at home by a professional who knows how to use the tools adapted to this type of treatment. And this is why: to prepare to smooth keratin, you must first apply an alkaline shampoo special, which opens the cuticle of the hair. Only then is the keratin applied using a professional technique adapted according to the type of hair and its condition, without touching the scalp, which must not be sensitized.

Finally, a single and precise passage with the straightener should allow the cuticles to be closed. This is a very sensitive step because using a straightening iron at 230ºCcan be dangerous if poorly controlled. Here again, a professional is perfectly trained to carry out this worry-free gesture.

What is the Right Accessory for Keratin Straightening?

To achieve a quality keratin treatment, the hair straightener used must have a heat control and regulation system, ideally with infrared technology and ceramic plates.

These characteristics are found in the 230º Ter mix Black Edition hair straightener. This is why specialists use it and recommend it: it is the ideal tool for this kind of treatment. It allows a smooth passage, with a well-controlled temperature and its plates, which slide by themselves.

If you really have to do straightening on daily basis, it will be better to book hair protein treatment after keratin to save your hair from potential damage.

How Long Should You Wait to Wash Your Hair After Keratin Treatment?

It depends on what you expect. For more powerful smoothing, it is better to wait three days. For a simple anti-frizz that strengthens the hair, you can wash it directly after the treatment.

Our hair always needs attention. This is why we are considering keratin treatment and why it is better than to use a shampoo without sulfates or, once a week, a repairing mask to let sit for between 20 minutes and an hour. You won’t believe your mirror anymore!

How Do I Take Care of My Hair After Keratin Treatment?

It’s very easy to maintain with a sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo, the hair can stay hydrated. Then, it remains important to choose the right hairdressing accessories. A good hairdryer, with power and heat control, and a professional hair straightener if you want to give hair movement without damaging it.

Somethings about Keratin You Should Follow Rebelliously

  • As the hair also needs to stay well hydrated, it is good to use a serum or a mask regularly for an effective beauty routine.
  • Using the right brush while drying can distribute the heat better and boost the hair’s potential, with a C · Rami Colour brush, for example.

And now that you know everything about keratin, it is time to book the keratin and hairstyling services before summer!

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