The outline is usual, consisting of an introduction, the main part, and a conclusion.

The sequence of writing an essay:

Introduction. For the introductory part, 2-3 sentences are enough, after which smoothly go to the essence of the allassignmenthelp reviews. Often essays begin with a question, an expert opinion, a quote, after which they express a personal position: “I agree with the opinion…. I think the right thing to do…. I do not share the position…. “.

How can’t you start? With the message, what the text is about; what the reader expects: “in this article…, the text is about…, the text will disclose the topic….”.

Formulation of the main problem. The problem should be of interest not only to the author. It should be important for each reader.

Comments on the problem. A brief reflection on the problem, its relevance to the audience.

Own opinion, argumentation. The author should explain why his point of view coincides or does not coincide with the opinion of the expert. And gives some arguments to confirm it.

Conclusion. Based on the above, a summary and conclusion is made. Readers are often asked a rhetorical question or conclude the text with a call to action.

Each statement is accompanied by its own subheading. As evidence is used not only text, but also graphic material: drawings, diagrams, charts, graphs. All numerical facts are given in the form of tables.

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