How to attract more lawn care customers

To bring in more lawn business, lawn care business owners employ a variety of strategies. There are still other ways to grow a lawn care business, however, that are more effective and worth looking into.

Want to learn how to attract more lawn care clients by getting more landscaping leads today? These are some marketing strategies that can help you grow your lawn care business.

A lawn care account was purchased

Lawn care business owners can sell accounts for many reasons. If you are able to do your best and buy at the right price, this can help you grow your customer base quickly.


If they feel overwhelmed or need a break, let your competitors know. If you send your business more work than you have, this arrangement can be very beneficial.

You can partner with other competitors who offer services similar to yours. Referring businesses to one another can provide valuable information for customers. This could be the case if you have a company that specializes in irrigation systems or if there are special competitors in landscaping, and you refer other businesses to each others.

Trade Show

You can rent a space at a relevant trade fair such as the Home and Garden Show. You can gain exposure from many locals by attending such events. You should be aware that people may travel long distances to participate in this event, and they might not be within your area.

Combine with other businesses

Get together with other household service providers like electricians or plumbers and arrange to promote your services to each other.

Real estate agents

Real estate agents are proud to show off their property’s gardens and lawns, which can help them sell it. Real estate professionals can also meet new tenants or property owners and be in a better position for promoting your services. If agents are able send you new clients, consider paying them commission.

Commercial agreements: Bids

Many lawn care businesses settle for cutting residential lawns and never bid on commercial accounts. If you are familiar with the bidding process, commercial accounts can be more lucrative than residential ones.

Learn how to bid for government and commercial contracts. Remember that commercial lawn care jobs are usually paid out later than residential jobs.

It’s important that you think outside of the box when it comes to generating business for your lawn-care company. These six ideas will inspire you to think of your own ideas. It is easy to find new lawn care customers.

Also, consider how much time you’ve spent running the business. This includes your personal labor costs. You will need to perform administrative tasks if you don’t have an assistant. This includes scheduling jobs, dealing with customer complaints and questions, creating invoices, mailing them and many other administrative tasks. This administrative work will consume more time than it will take to provide service for your clients.

Advertising is a key part of growing your business. Spend time crafting a sales message, and looking for the right ad source. You should have some tracking system so you can track which advertising sources give you the best return on your investment.

These four tips will help you create a low-cost model that allows you to compete with other lawn care businesses. You’ll build a loyal customer base by consistently adding value to your services. This will help you to keep your business thriving year after year.

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