It might be okay to file for a personal injury claim by yourself if you have met with a minor car accident with minimal bruises and prominent driver’s fault. But, it could be tough to handle a slip and fall accident case by yourself.

Lawyer For Slip And Fall Accident

To avoid any complication and blunder in a slip and fall personal injury claim, it would be in your best interest if you consulted a Jersey City personal injury lawyer first. 

Slip and fall cases involve handling insurance companies, property owners, and the court of justice. Managing all of them alone could be challenging. There are multiple reasons why you should hire a lawyer for these cases.

Reasons Why You Would Need A Lawyer:

  1. Assigning Fault 

A slip and fall case may require the victim to prove the property owner’s fault. It is necessary to provide evidence that you tripped and fell due to the owner’s responsibility, which led to personal injury. The decision of the claim is based on the owner’s fault. If evidence is not enough, your injury slip and fall claim may get rejected immediately. 

  1. Acknowledgment of the owner 

To build the premise of the victim’s slip and fall accident case, it is necessary to showcase that the owner was aware of the fault or problem that led to the accident or injury. The problem could be an uneven pathway in a mall or a rough patch in an office. To ensure the case won’t get denied, it would be helpful to provide evidence that the owner knew about the cause of the accident and chose not to do anything about the same. 

  1. Negligence

While it may seem enough to provide the fault and acknowledgment of the owner about the problem, the last step would be the determination of the owner’s choice. A property owner is required to fix any issue or problem whatsoever that could lead someone to an injury. If the owner knew the situation and yet did not make an effort to improve it for a given timeframe, the victim’s claim for personal injury might get approved. 

  1. Calculating the damages

After thoroughly evaluating all the essential factors to assign fault, the victim should calculate the damages or the cost of medical help they acquired to recover from the injury. This step could be crucial since it will determine the claim from the insurance company and the property owner. The damages could be evaluated alone, but the correct option would be hiring a lawyer to avoid missing out on any detail. 

  1. Legal representation 

When it comes to representing a victim in court, only an attorney will handle it effortlessly. To help the victim recover, it would be suitable for a lawyer to take the case and legal representation. 

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