Frozen Pizza Boxes

Pizza is quite conceivably the most favorite food item among the youth. There are a lot of pizza chains that make pizza on a national level. It is prepared in a couple of tastes and variations as indicated by the brand and customer requests. Pizza with such a great interest requires packaging that is worthy of competing in the market. But this pizza item is additionally sold in a frozen state.

Customers purchase frozen pizza to heat it on the stove and partake in a comparable fresh taste. Eye-catching printing styles can, in like manner, be sued to attract potential customers. CP Food boxes offer sturdy, protected, attractive custom pizza boxes for your brand at modest rates. 


  • Chipboard SBS

Cardboard or Chipboard SBS packaging is trending packaging for frozen pizza. Frozen Pizza packaging is utilized to pack different frozen food items, including pies, pizzas, fruits, etc. Cardboard boxes are effectively shrinkable, tough, and strong. The primary feature of cardboard boxes is that they can be printed with striking and vibrant tones with branding, realistic designs, and texts. 


  • Thermoforming Film

A High Barrier Thermoforming film is utilized for versatile purposes in frozen pizza packaging. This material is produced using uncommon plastic saps. It has thick corners and has an excellent film memory. The strength of this type of packaging is exceptional. The principal features of such types of packaging incorporate its gleaming texture, astounding scent, and UV protection. 


  • Frozen Pizza Boxes with Shrink Film

This material is the most utilized in the manufacturing of Frozen Pizza Packaging. Psychologist Films are utilized in a huge number of packaging brands, including probably the most popular ones. Psychologist film is a plastic sheet that is ordinarily made out of three different types of materials. These materials incorporate Polyethylene (PE), Polyolefin (POF), and Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). Polyolefin is given priority contrasted with other materials.

The explanation for that is the POF is pizza grade and safety supported. It is broadly utilized in pressing different frozen food items, including Pizzas, Cakes, Vegetables, Pies, Chicken, etc. After that, the film encloses the packaging and is passed from a heat tunnel or heating from 360 degrees, making the wrapping shrink and tightly fit with the box. 


  • Lidding Films

It is a plastic material that is broadly utilized for the manufacturing of different frozen pizza packaging. These films are often left without printing so they can have clear visibility.


  • Wax Coating

Wax coating is additionally well known amongst frozen pizza manufacturing industries. This material can withstand both high temperatures just as low temperatures. It is utilized where the frozen pizza is heated along with the packaging. For instance, the most well-known model is ready-to-eat pizza heated in a similar container in the oven. Wax coating is resistible to heat and can be directly positioned inside the stove until the pizza inside it is cooked.

An everyday life illustration of wax coating is the utensils like Dinners trays. While consuming the food, the Wax coated tray is taken out from the boxes, and holes are pinned in it, and then it is put inside microwaves. The normal features of wax-coated packaging are strength and heat resistance. 


  • Glass Packaging

Glass packaging for pizza boxes is not a famous or common packaging style. Specific food-grade composition is used to make Glass frozen pizza packaging boxes. It is not common because of its heavy weight. Retailers avoid using it because of its weight and easy-to-break nature. But it represents luxuriousness and richness. Glass is not easy to ship because of its high carbon content and brittle nature.  Sometimes it is used for the packaging of frozen food items. 


  • Aluminum Packaging 

Aluminum is getting more common with time. This type of packaging is standard frozen pizza packaging. Aluminum foil dishes are ordinarily utilized for pressing Steaks and lasagna. Aluminum foils are utilized for covering frozen pizza to give an extra layer of protection. Sometimes it is even utilized as a tray which is put inside cardboard boxes.

When the box is opened, at first, the cardboard box and the topper are taken out, and after that, the aluminum tray or pan is taken out and put directly in the oven for heating or cooking reasons. Although aluminum is recyclable, it becomes difficult to reuse when consumed for oily food items.


  • IQF Polyethylene

IQF Packaging is Individual Quick Frozen packaging. This type of packaging is utilized where abrupt freezing is required. IQF Polyethylene wrapped pizza items are sent to a cooler, which blasts them at – 40 degrees’ temperature and freezes them abruptly. IQF prevents the cell structure of frozen pizza from being altered, and this material can likewise retain such low abrupt temperature variations. 



We advise you to compare different companies’ prices and packaging styles before deciding upon the final frozen pizza packaging boxes for your brand. Once you have chosen a manufacturer, you can tell them more about your company, and they will further guide you based on their experience.

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