armed security guards in Malaysia

Security has been a top priority for many businesses. Security guards give a sense of security assurance to the business owners. As the Malaysia business has observed popularity among global scales. It creates a sense of insecurity among the business owners.

Security services provide more security to your business. Many security companies provide unarmed and armed security guards in Malaysia. Hiring security personnel is a crucial aspect of running a competitive and secure business.

But the crucial part is you need to decide whether armed guards or unarmed guards are suitable for your business.

Difference between Armed and Unarmed Guards:

As you have a clear idea about the difference between armed and unarmed guards. But there is more you need to consider as a business person. As the security company provides both unarmed and armed security guards in Malaysia.

You should know all the other important factors that make the armed and unarmed security guards different from each other.

The unarmed guards do not carry firearms, but they carry other weapons which can also protect without causing more injury. These weapons include pepper spray, a baton, or a tester.

The armed guards have a license to carry firearms. They provide security at a higher level. The armed guards get additional training which needs expensive certifications. In comparison to unarmed guards, the armed guards are quite expensive to hire. This is because of the additional training they get.

Unarmed or armed guards:

The armed security is best to guard’s large hospitals, technical industries, courts, and banks. But many businesses have a high risk to get affected by crime. In such cases, you need to hire armed guards.

But if your business has a low risk of crime, then hiring unarmed guards I perfect for the business.

The unarmed guards work great to perform retail positions, such as video surveillance, school settings, monitoring retail positions.

However, if you fall under these criteria then you should hire an unarmed guard:

  • If you live in a place with higher crime rates.
  • Deal with a heavy amount of cash.
  • If you are a host person. You host events that can cause an accident.
  • If you own an expensive asset such as jewelry or an art gallery.

So these are the important thing to consider while buying security services for your company. If your business has a low risk of crime, then it is better to hire unarmed guards.

Although businesses are having control monitoring systems are best for every small business. So while hiring security guards you need to look at the industry, business location, and budget.

Unarmed guards provide service at less cost. But both services work to protect your assets, workers, and you from any kind of crime, burglary, and theft. You need to choose effectively and hire the one that suits best to your business.


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