In a country like Australia, an international hub for small and big businesses alike, innovation and individuality helps set an organisation different from its competitors. This uniqueness will help them stand out in a sea of businesses and create a brand image specific to its company. What better way than using custom crates to promote this individuality and simultaneously throw money on a better investment strategy for the transport of goods and products. 

The shipping industry contributes a substantial amount of revenue to the country’s economy and is a vital source of more than 90% of foreign exports. Made up of millions of companies and businesses, the quality of goods and products transported should always be on par with the quality of packaging and crates used. Take a look at some of the reasons why many companies prefer custom containers for shipping transports: 

  1. Product Safety: Crates are customised according to the dimensions of the products carried. This means that any added protection like padding for cushioning can be inserted effectively without compromising the integrity of the crates. Damage protection isn’t limited to physical damage only, but other hazards like temperature changes and fluctuations in moisture, pressure are also taken care of, something that is highly crucial for delicate foods like medicinal products and perishables. Expensive materials like paintings, art pieces and luxury materials also require such added security for their safe transport till they reach their destination. 
  2. Customise the Size: Imagine fitting a small-sized product into a large rectangular container that costs more for the size. Not only is this a waste of space, but it will take an unnecessary toll on the budget too. Customising a set of crates according to a product size will save space and provide compact storage for more materials, allowing ships to carry more on a single trip. But what about odd shapes like sculptures or large scale exhibits? No problem! As long as there’s enough space on the transport, everything else can be handled by crates that are customisable, including the space, storage and protection. 
  3. Profitable In The Long Term: Saving up for a lot of space during transport is a profitable factor in itself. However, using recyclable crates will also be beneficial as they can be reused again and again until they are fully exploited. Transportation costs and storage solutions can be effectively handled by the use of crates with customised dimensions. Even after being disposed of, they can be sold for a profit and are again recycled for wood and materials for construction or furniture. 
  4. Boosts Brand Recognition: Crates can also be customised with designs and logos that are specific to a company or a brand. Not only is this a form of free advertisement, but it will also expose the brand to hundreds of potential viewers who come into contact during packaging, shipping, transportation and cargo placements.
  5. Making It Easier For Essential Workers: The use of custom crates will make it easier for shipping workers and cargo personnel to transport them around and handle them with care. Giving them an extra boost using the customised design will enhance loyalty and morale while at the same time, increase productivity in the workspace. All this adds up to create schedules that stick to deadlines with little chance of delaying or missing a target date. 

Any business in Gold Coast looking to find an innovative yet cost-effective way to transport cargo while being assured of its protection and security must invest in custom crates for their products. Better to stay two steps ahead of the competition than to stick to traditional ways of packaging and miss the opportunity to excel. 

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