It’s never to early to start thinking about how to make a workspace your dorm room. The fact that you’re going to be living in your dorm is already a burden enough, but you have to deal with other aspects like the noise, unsolicited opinions, and just general non-stop distractions. The first thing you need to realize when planning how to make a workspace your dorm room is the fact that it’s not all about the “look”. Sure, the look and style of your dorm room will play a part in your decision, but don’t neglect functionality as well. There are two things that are often overlooked, but can be very important factors in determining which dorm room design is best for you: Functionality and Design.


 1. Importance Of Having A Designated Workspace In Your Dorm Or Home Office

One of the best benefits of a dorm room on a big campus like The Ohio State, in Columbus, is that it can be used as a designated workspace.

Another benefit of a dorm is the natural lighting provided by the domes. Dorms are large enough that they can be designed with each room having an exterior window.  This creates a space that feels more like an office space than a living space, yet still provides important social areas. The natural light provided by a dorm allows you to have many different work areas open at the same time, and you are guaranteed to have enough natural light during the day to perform any necessary work tasks, without having to rely on artificial light.

A designated workspace is an excellent way to encourage productivity.  It can be challenging to separate your living area from your work area in a small place such as a dorm room.  And this is not always an individual decision.  If you are trying to sleep while your dorm-mate is doing homework this can interfere both with their work as well as your sleep.  This lack of sleep can lead to poor grades, as well as a decrease in motivation.


 2. How To Make A Functional Workspace In Your College Dorm  

Functionality should be your first consideration when you put energy into the layout for your dorm room if you want a first-rate space. This should involve not only the design elements, such as the color and textures but also any shelving or storage options you may have. The most effective workspace I’ve ever seen was one that was set up in a laundry room. While the walls were painted a different color than the rest of the dorm and there were shelves lining the walls, there was plenty of space to organize all of your stuff and make it easy to get around.

The design element to consider when considering how to make a workspace your dorm room consists of is simply your own personal taste. Some people may have a desk that they prefer to sit at, while others prefer to keep their laptops on their beds. Others may prefer a couch over a desk, or a wall-mounted radio instead of an iPod docking station. As long as the room is functional, and you are comfortable with the layout, there is no reason why you cannot incorporate your own preferences into your workspace.

 3. College Study Tips  

If you have decided to pursue higher education and are looking for some college study tips to help you get through your coursework, then you have come to the right place.

In college, it is important to learn study techniques to ensure you do well in your classes, setting up a functional workspace is key in improving your focus. If possible implementing more natural light can help to improve productivity, mood and it can help to lower your Toledo Edison energy bills – another way to save money is to make your work area energy efficient

There are many students that have studied hard for their exams but still failed. This does not necessarily mean that you will also fail, however, you have to understand that sometimes you will lose.

The first thing that you have to remember when studying for a test is to make sure that you have everything that you need before you even leave your dorm room. Having your things with you when you start studying, it will allow you to maximize your studying time and avoid procrastination.

Another one of the great college study tips that I use is to take a pro tip before every exam. A pro tip is basically an easy quiz that will help you prepare for the exact type of question that you will be asked on your exam. For instance, if you will be required to answer a quiz regarding a specific topic, then a pro tip would be to take a quiz that pertains to that specific topic. This way, you will know what the format of the questions will be and you will not have to spend too much time trying to figure them out. Some other great pro tips that you should use are to eat a light snack before going to class and to study as much as possible.

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