Driving is a part of everyday life. Whether you need to pick groceries, go to work, pick your kids from school or go to a party, you need your vehicle for several reasons throughout the day. No matter how experienced you may be at driving, one can never expect the damage that unforeseen road hazards can cause. 

Common Road Hazards

The most dangerous thing about road hazards is that sometimes it is not possible to be prepared for them. They can pop up unexpectedly and injure you. The only things that can protect you here are vigilance and knowing what to avoid. 

If you are involved in a truck accident caused by road hazards, you may be confused about who is liable. A Huntington beach truck accident attorney can investigate your case and provide you with the best options. 

Common road hazards that cause truck accidents

  1. Sun glares. 

If you live in a place full of sunlight, you will probably experience sun glares while driving once in a while. Sun glares can be dangerous when they reflect off the shiny cars or straight reach your eyes. They can cause a visual obstruction, leading to a catastrophic accident. In some cases, even using the sun visor does not prove helpful. 

Here are a few steps you can take to prevent sunlight-related accidents. 

  • Avoid traveling during the late afternoon
  • Avoid driving during the early morning
  • Clean your windshield 
  • Use your sun visor
  • Always wear sunglasses when driving
  • Use polarized sunglasses
  1. Weather-related hazards. 

Weather-related hazards are some of the most common naturally occurring road hazards that no one controls. According to the US Department of Transportation, the weather is found to be the cause of about 21% of the annual crashes. Rain, fog, and snow can impact your visibility, make the road slippery and even affect vehicle functions. 

  1. Failure to maintain roads. 

If a Huntington Beach accident occurs due to the poor condition of roads, the municipality may be to blame. Potholes and cracks are a common site when roads are not properly maintained. In addition, failing to maintain traffic lights, street lights, painted markers on the road, and guardrails can also contribute to accidents. 

  1. Missing or obstructed road signs. 

This one, again, maybe the fault of the municipality. People rely on road signs to be safe and know if they are going in the right direction. For example, intersections would be a murder zone if they were no signs at all. Therefore, missing a stop sign can be fatal or misleading. 

Sometimes signs are present but are hidden behind a bush or a tree. 

If you were involved in a car collision caused due to a road hazard, you might be confused about who to blame for your damages. Hiring an attorney can make things easier for you. 

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