wood plastic
1. Whether it is necessary to leave a gap during the installation: considering the drainage, cleaning, slight thermal expansion / contraction and other factors, appropriate gap must be left between the side to side and head to head during the installation of wood plastic profiles. Wood plastic will not expand and contract because of the humidity and dryness of the environment, but will expand and contract to a certain extent according to the change of temperature. Therefore, there are gaps on the edge to edge and head to head, especially in winter

2. Whether there are requirements for the span of wood plastic during installation: Yes, the span of joist should not be too large during the installation of wood plastic profile. Shorter spacing may be required for installation in special service environments or under unusual loading conditions, such as hot baths. Relevant data can be provided by the supplier during design. Please do engineering analysis before installation.

3. Can wood plastic profiles be used as structural parts: No. Although ordinary wood plastic profiles have high strength and toughness, they do not have the same bending strength as wood, so they can not be used as structural parts. However, the modified glass fiber reinforced wood plastic has high bending strength and can be used for structural parts.

4. What type of screw is suitable for wood plastic profiles: it is recommended to use stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized and other high-quality screws, especially self tapping screws, which will help to increase the screw holding force.

5. How to process wood plastic and whether special tools are needed: wood is as easy to process as wood, and even easier in some aspects. The wood plastic can be cut and drilled with ordinary wood processing tools.

6. What should be paid attention to in the installation of wood plastic materials: wood plastic materials have the same processing characteristics as wood. They can be sawed, drilled and nailed with ordinary tools, which is very convenient and can be used like wood. The key points are to pay attention to two points:

(1)strictly follow the span requirements specified by the manufacturer, because wood plastic materials have greater creep than wood, Too large span will cause security risks.

(2)Considering the reasons of drainage, cleaning and slight thermal expansion and cold contraction, when wood plastic materials are used for floor, wall panel and other purposes, appropriate gaps must be left between the side to side and head to head.

7. How to maintain the wood plastic: even in the outdoor wind and sun, the wood plastic will not rot, break or crack. In addition, it also has the ability of anti ultraviolet, and does not need special maintenance.

8. Does low temperature weather affect wood plastics? Wood plastics still perform well even in low temperature weather. However, because plastic accounts for 50% of the components of wood plastics, it will become hard and brittle in extremely low temperature weather, and the minimum service temperature can reach – 40 ℃.

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