“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity and not as a threat”. This quote is correct to describe the rise of Clubhouse. In just 17 months after its inception, the audio-based social network has grown from a small platform to a tech giant. August 2021 was a significant period for the American app as it received a whopping 500,000 downloads.

Is it the right time for entrepreneurs to launch a real-time audio platform? Yes, the number of Internet users is increasing rapidly. This will help techpreneurs to make a big impact in the market. Likewise, they can get hold of a Clubhouse clone from an app development company.

What is the meaning of a Clubhouse Clone Application?

It is a prebuilt audio-based social media solution that can be quickly deployed in just a few days or weeks. Digipreneurs can attract celebrities, content creators, and influencers from across the world.

The ready-to-launch social network platform contains basic features like a filter and search mechanism, a hallway, a live chat facility, a Room creation option, social media integration facility, and 24×7 technical assistance.

Starting a tech venture involves a huge capital expenditure. However, entrepreneurs can incur less cost on human resources and tools by obtaining a Clubhouse clone platform.

What are the fabulous features of the Clubhouse like Platform?

Add a Bio facility – Netizens can include a short description of their background, personal achievements, and professional accomplishments on a Clubhouse clone. This ensures transparency in the eyes of potential fans.

Calendar sync options – 21st-century users lead a hectic schedule. They can link their Calendar and never miss out on an important event. Cybernauts will receive regular updates related to the creation of events and upcoming discussions.

Explore Rooms bar – People have different interests and preferences. Hence, they can select various audio rooms based on the genre, the stardom of the speakers, and the total discussion time.

Host a Room button – Users can initiate an insightful conversation with like-minded people. They can organize audio discussions quickly. Cyber surfers will receive real-time notifications. Interested netizens will join a room after checking the subject.

Private Messaging mechanism – Backchannel is the special aspect of a Clubhouse clone. Registered members have 2 options (Group chats and personal interaction). They can conduct insightful conversations and entice participants across the globe. Listeners can ask questions through text messages turn-by-turn and speakers will respond immediately.

Raise Hand Button – Users can clarify certain aspects in audio discussions by pressing the Raise Hand option. The host of the event would acknowledge the request of the participant and request the speaker to answer his/her query.

Social media sync options – Content creators can start trending swiftly by linking their social network accounts. They can link their Instagram and Twitter profiles. Potential followers can check out their new posts by clicking their virtual accounts.

24×7 technical assistance – Entrepreneurs ought to provide technical support to users. They can sort out problems related to account management, non-compliance with community guidelines, privacy, and security vulnerabilities. Accordingly, Clubhouse members can solve their issues quickly via email, live chat, and phone.

How does a Clubhouse Clone offer multiple monetization options?

  • Passes and tickets can be sold to netizens for live performances, one-on-one sessions with VIPs and VVIPs, panel discussions, stand up comedians, and talk shows.
  • Popular content creators can be offered branding tools and online marketing tips. They can use the advanced audio communication platform to boost their fans and followers.
  • Talented artists will receive tips and tricks related to dealing with crowds, dialogue recitals, handling smartphones, managing stage fear, and organizing events effectively.
  • Digipreneurs can levy a certain fee from acclaimed personalities and influencers based on their reach in the market and the traffic they bring to the social media app.
  • Transaction processing fees are another source of revenue for entrepreneurs. For instance, Clubhouse uses the Stripe payment gateway to execute payments. Speakers can start an audio discussion online and establish a paywall behind it. Accordingly, they can levy a fee from each participant who is interested in joining the voice conversation.
  • Users can get access to exclusive voice-based content by paying monthly or yearly subscription plans. They will receive the latest updates from sought-after content developers.

What is the cost of creating a Clubhouse Clone?

There is no specific expenditure to develop a Clubhouse clone. It relies on several aspects. Generally, the process is spread over a few days or weeks.

Know the detailed strategy to set up a Clubhouse Clone Platform

  • Organizing a meeting with entrepreneurs and recognizing their plans.
  • Studying the current trends in the social media industry.
  • Complying with numerous laws related to privacy and security.
  • Creation of a friendly user interface that is suitable for all age groups.
  • Developing the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the Clubhouse clone script.
  • Testing the prototype of the audio-based platform in certain conditions.
  • Including all the other functionalities in the Clubhouse clone.
  • Removing security bugs and technical vulnerabilities of the voice-based platform.
  • Launching the final version of the Clubhouse clone script in the market.

Besides that, an app development company will offer several post-deployment services. Entrepreneurs can use solutions such as API integration, the inclusion of online payment gateways, maintenance of mobile apps, software upgrades, and technical assistance.

Wrapping Up

Unquestionably, Clubhouse has kickstarted an audio revolution in the world of social media. Despite the intensely competitive social media space, it has stood out tall. Apart from an increase in user downloads, content creators and influencers are benefiting from higher engagement. Besides that, they are directly reaching out to their die-hard fans through instantaneous updates.

The transition from an invitation-only platform to a general release has helped Clubhouse to move up the ranks in the market. Interestingly, it is also providing monthly stipends to performing artists for enhancing their personal image.

Rohan Seth wants to establish a more human space on the Internet. If you are wondering who Rohan is? He is the co-founder of Clubhouse. The 37-year-old will focus on strengthening the technical infrastructure of the social media platform. Importantly, the American app will overhaul 3 main features (clubs, discovery, and search) for surging up the market.

It would give extra attention to direct monetization, subscriptions, and tipping content creators. On average, a listener spends 70 minutes hearing different conversations on Clubhouse and this number will increase over a period.

Finally, entrepreneurs can strike gold in the social media industry by utilizing a Clubhouse clone. Hence, this will help in increasing their traction in the world of the Internet.

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