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The rims on the car are noteworthy. They are responsible not only for the presentable appearance of the car, but also ensure safety and save money. Because these components are part of the suspension and chassis, they affect shock absorber health, tire integrity, and fuel consumption. Car disc restoration should be done as soon as you notice chips, dents or cracks on it. Many people are very interested in how alloy wheels rule. Everything is due to the complex technology of manufacturing components. Before alloy wheel repair, you need to know that a qualified technician should not take on work in 2 cases:
  • if there is a crack in the accessories on the car near the base of the spokes;
  • if the integrity of the mounting holes is violated. Such breakdowns cannot be corrected, regardless of the experience of the master. And restoring disks in case of such breakdowns is fraught with a threat to the safety of the driver.alloys

Ways to restore components

There are several ways how alloy wheels are ruled after deformation (cracks, breaks):
  • fixing the geometry of the product;
  • straightening.
Geometry adjustment is carried out when imbalance, dents, cracks are observed on the components. To find out how to restore alloy wheels with your own hands, you need to decide on their damage. If the product has minor dents or dents, you can limit yourself to rolling it, which is done using a special machine. The equipment allows you to understand what the level of skewness of the component was, and also to eliminate it if the deviations from the norm are not too large. When leaving a couple of degrees, you can manually restore the cast components. If the damage is serious, you will first need to pull them out on the equipment using physical force and without heating the product. Straightening alloy wheels with your own hands is a process of repairing dents on an auto disk, which must be carried out without heating in order to avoid changing the structure of the metal. Well suited for straightening a sledgehammer or a hammer (preferably a special one). First, the deformed place must be leveled so as not to damage the structure of the component. If the damage is significant, it can be repaired using a hydraulic centering machine and a variety of attachments. In order to avoid irrecoverable deformation, it is better to entrust such work to a professional. If the wheel rim is dull, and there are shallow scratches, paint chips or traces of rust on it, then the restoration of the rims involves painting its surface. It is preceded by sandblasting, during which the old layer of paint and primer is removed. Then putty, primer and paint are applied to the surface in several layers.

Rathdowney wheel repair services

Thanks to modern equipment and many years of experience, RathdowneyQuickFit alloy wheel repair is fast, efficient, reliable and professional. When repairing alloy wheels, our company uses only high quality consumables and time-tested repair methods that guarantee a quality result. Disc restoration requires an individual approach and combines a combination of different technologies, the application of which depends on the type of disc damage. For the repair of cast discs, we use a special professional-level machine, where the bent part of the disc is leveled using a hydraulic press. We do not roll alloy wheels with rollers – this is absolutely impossible, we also do not heat the metal and do not knock the disks out with sledgehammers, which further leads to even greater damage. We use modern professional equipment and quality certified materials. Our masters undergo a special training course, sharpened especially for the repair and restoration of disks. We carry out comprehensive diagnostics of a damaged disc and always level it before welding. Also, if the paintwork of a part of the disc is damaged, we will professionally restore the appearance of your disc.

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