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Chola’s Indian Restaurant: Are you someone who likes to be adventurous? Have you ever tried to order a different cuisine and delight your taste buds? To expand your gamut palate, you should visit the best Indian restaurant to try out the best meal of your life. Your search for the best Indian Restaurant in Cranbourne will be best, and it won’t seem daunting when you know ‘How to have the best dining experience?’

We know trying to visit a new restaurant will come up with several things from having the best menu to the best dine-in experience. In this article, we will make you understand everything so that your experience at the best Indian restaurant is just the best.

Tips for best Indian Dining Experience

  • Begin with the fresh appetizers

Appetizers are a great choice to help your taste buds break themselves and this way your dine-in experience will be delighted in just every sense. The best part is that the Indian flavors are iconic in a way which is the reason having them, simply delights your taste buds. It means it is your choice what type of dinner plate you prefer the most.


  • Don’t go with the buffet

When you visit an Indian restaurant, you may get buffet service. Choosing this option means that you will find different food options to include in your palate. But, don’t make that choice because it will be an overwhelming option as you are not aware of what food option to go for.

My tip to you is to prefer ordering the food individually to understand better the taste of each dish and enjoy them individually.


  • Sharing is caring

To enjoy the taste of Indian food, you should share your food with others. It is what Indians love to do. So, if you have visited with your friends and family, then it is better that you share food with them. When you visit with your family, give the chance to everyone to order food and this way it will allow you to try out different food options. You will cherish your time to the fullest.


  • Get yourself informed about the ingredients

You need to make sure that you know about the common ingredients so that while reading the menu you know about what you are ordering. Some of the common options are:

  • Aloo – Potato
  • Bhindi – Lady Finger
  • Gajar – Carrot
  • Jeera – Cumin
  • Haldi – Turmeric
  • Palak – Spinach
  • Matar- Green Peas
  • Paneer – Cottage Cheese


  • Do not always prefer the chicken dish

No doubt, Indian cuisine is filled with chicken dishes but, ‘What’s the fun of trying it when you are planning to visit an Indian restaurant for the first time?’ There are many other Indian dishes on the menu which are simple and filled with flavors. So, it is best to try out those dishes and get the right taste of Indian food.

Apart from that, you should try out Biryani, ask the restaurant staff to keep the spice level to a minimum, and just have fun over good food & have the best time of your life.

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