wheel alignment

The service center of the official dealer “Rathdowneyquickfit.ie” provides services for adjusting the wheel alignment (wheel alignment) on Lexus cars. We use the latest 3D wheel alignment, which guarantees the highest alignment accuracy.


Camber is one of the important characteristics of the undercarriage, which affects handling and other driving characteristics. Improper centering results in rapid and uneven tire wear, increases fuel consumption, impairs handling and reduces driving safety.

“Toe-in” is the angle between the longitudinal axis of the car and the plane of rotation of the wheel. It indicates whether the front of the alloy wheels is closer to or further from each other along the axle than the rear.

Camber is the inward / outward tilt of the wheel as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

wheel alignment

3D Wheel alignment should be done in situations:


  • undercarriage repair – after replacement of steering components;
  • unusual tire wear is found, such as the inside or outside area;
  • controllability or directional stability is impaired – the car goes to the side;
  • hitting a big pothole, driving on rough terrain;
  • After Alloy wheel repair and refurbishment services
  • the steering wheel turns to the side when the car is going straight;
  • pre-sale diagnostics of the “geometry” of the chassis.


A well-executed similarity disorder in our car service will provide:


  • reducing the rate of tire wear – you save on unnecessary rubber changes;
  • efficient fuel consumption – less rolling resistance on the side of the wheels means that the engine runs without overload;
  • improved handling, maneuverability, driver comfort – correct wheel alignment ensures smooth driving without the need to adjust the steering wheel. less tendency to skid and roll over;
  • increased safety – reduced rolling resistance in the wheels reduces overheating, increasing the efficiency of braking and cornering;
  • reducing the load on the mechanical components of the steering and suspension, extending their service life.



Rathdowneyquickfit company providing all models tyres, headlights, wheel alignments and Alloy wheels Ireland. We use the newest 3D stand of the HUNTER company.

Unlike outdated optical, infrared models, it provides high measurement accuracy due to computer processing of information received from a target mounted on the wheel.

For this, digital cameras are used to take measurements for each wheel, an integrated frame of reference with camber and tilt pendulums in each sensor.

This provides accurate results without complicated calibration. Digital cameras take pictures, transfer data to a computer.

Advantages of 3D stands in Rathdowneyquickfit car service:


  • Three-dimensional alignment of the four wheels’ measures data from multiple angles at once and compares it with information provided by the car manufacturer;
  • works are performed without complicated calibration due to minimization of the influence of the “human factor” – targets installed on wheels are not damaged when dropped, and have stable parameters;
  • unlike infrared, three-dimensional stands take measurements along the current plane of the wheels, and not relative to the horizontal position of the supporting surface – therefore, they display the real angles of installation, without errors;
  • completing the operation in just a few minutes.

We provide a protocol of measurements BEFORE and AFTER adjustment, indicating the values ​​of the wheel alignment angles of both axles.

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