Shower Curtains

10 Benefits of Shower Curtains

People always wonder if shower curtains are really necessary. Some say they’re not, but there are plenty of benefits to using one, too! These benefits range from saving time and money to just making your bathroom look nicer. Here are ten reasons you should use a shower curtain in your home.

1. You Can Avoid Flooding Your Floor

This is the most important benefit associated with shower curtains. Everyone knows not to leave the water running when you don’t need it, but sometimes people make mistakes or go longer than they should without shutting the water off. If that’s the case then it’s likely that some of that excess water might end up outside of your tub instead of inside it. With a shower curtain in place, however, that water will flow into your tub and you won’t have to worry about it ruining your floor.

2. Easy to Clean

If there’s one thing bathtubs need in order to be sanitary, it’s easy cleaning. Fortunately, shower curtains are much easier to clean than bathtubs so if you’ve got a curtain in place then keeping things tidy is definitely easier for you. Without the curtain, however, keeping everything clean would likely require more work on your part. There are several different custom shower curtains available which can make cleaning all the more convenient because you can remove them when they need to be cleaned or replaced. Simply throw them into the wash and let ’em air dry; that’s all there is to it!

3.  They Help Keep Your Tubs and Showers Clean

As we’ve already mentioned, shower curtains are easy to clean so keeping yours around will really help you maintain a sanitary environment. Of course, just as important as keeping your bathtub itself clean is making sure that the room stays as free of germs as possible too. You can do this by cleaning regularly and replacing items regularly such as towels and linens. If you’re following those two rules then it’s pretty unlikely that mold or mildew will be forming anytime soon either since they don’t last long in rooms kept tidy.

4. Make Your Bathroom More Stylish

If you haven’t noticed already then perhaps you haven’t been looking around at your bathroom long enough. Shower curtains are used in bathrooms all around the world and they can make quite a difference regardless of their style or design. They come in many different colors and styles so finding one to fit your taste won’t be an issue; rather, you’ll probably end up having difficulty selecting just one!

5. Save Time on Cleaning

As we mentioned earlier, shower curtains really help with keeping your bathroom clean and tidy. They serve as a barrier between outside dirt and grime and the inside of your tub so if you use them properly then it will save you some time when it comes to cleaning. Now, if you don’t use them at all then this benefit might not apply, but we’re assuming that you do, so why not use them to your advantage?

6. Protect You and Your Home

While shower curtains aren’t bulletproof or anything like that, using one during a shower can protect both you and your home. For instance, if someone were to enter your bathroom uninvited then they would be forced to pass through the curtain first. That would give you some extra time to escape or just grab something as a means of self-defense. In addition, the curtain will help keep water from escaping outside of your tub which might otherwise lead to flooding in your bathroom or even throughout other parts of your house.

7. Make Bathing More Enjoyable

For many people, the chance to take a nice hot bath is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But when things aren’t perfect in your bathroom then it can be really difficult to enjoy yourself. Fortunately, shower curtains are so common in modern bathrooms that if you don’t have one then you’re most likely living in the past! They come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes too so start searching for one that will help you relax.

8. Prevent Harassment or Physical Abuse

As mentioned before, shower curtains provide an extra layer of protection between outside moisture and inside tubs; however, they can also save lives when it comes to preventing physical abuse. By keeping messes contained within the area surrounding the tub itself there’s less risk of it getting on the floor which can help to prevent people from slipping and falling. They also cover up the tub while someone is bathing while providing an extra barrier between them and anyone who might try to get in or otherwise harass them.

9. Give You More Time for Self Care

Taking a nice hot bath is one of life’s simplest pleasures but unfortunately, not everyone has time to enjoy it regularly. That’s where shower curtains come in! Simply taking your shower curtain down whenever you have some time alone will give you more opportunities to relax for a few minutes each day without any interruptions or distractions. Of course, if you want company then you can always call someone over by hanging your curtain back up afterward!

10. They Make Your Place Safer

As we mentioned earlier, shower curtains can help prevent injuries by keeping messes contained within your bathroom. They serve as extra barriers too so they might also be able to apply pressure to certain types of wounds either on themselves or on someone who’s using them. Now, these benefits won’t exactly save lives on their own but combined with other safety measures then they could definitely come in handy!

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