Blackout Curtains

10 Benefits of Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are an excellent way of blocking the sun from entering a room and letting you sleep soundly without any interruptions. Do you know that they come with many other benefits? Well, then continue reading to find out more about them.

1. Helps in sleeping better

If you have been plagued by insomnia lately, blackout curtains could be just what you need to finally get some quality shut-eye. The darker it is in a room, the easier it will be for your body to realize that it’s time for bed and start producing those all-important melatonin hormones which help regulate your sleep cycle. In fact, studies have shown that having even as few as five hours of darkness per night can improve your overall health dramatically.

2. Keeps the room cool during summer

During summer, it might be difficult for you to sleep because your body can’t get rid of too much heat. But blackout curtains help in blocking the sun’s rays and also trapping any cool air which comes into the room through open windows or doors. You will thus be able to save on your AC costs during these months. Because you won’t have to keep running it at full blast every time the sun comes out.

3. Reduces heating costs in winter

Conversely, when winter sets in blackout curtains are instrumental in keeping the heat inside the house by preventing cold air from entering through open windows or vents. This way, you can lots of money by not having to crank up the heat in your house every time you come back from work or school.

4. Prevents fading of furniture

You might have noticed that when direct sunlight falls on a sofa, chair, or rug for several hours it can cause them to fade away quickly. But with blackout curtains installed, this won’t happen because they will keep the sun’s rays from ever reaching these items. When combined with UV coating, even carpeting, and other fabric pieces will be protected against discoloration due to strong sunlight.

5. Provides insulation during winter

Because they are good at trapping air within the room, blackout curtains provide insulation in cold. The weather makes them very energy efficient during these months when heating costs are high.

6. Boosts your home’s security

While you might think that blackout curtains are only good for keeping the sun out. They can actually make your home a lot more secure. They will cover any windows in the house completely, giving intruders less of an opportunity to see what’s inside. You can also use heavy-duty velour or corded fabrics which are difficult to cut through with much ease making it much harder for thieves to enter your living space undetected.

7. Reduces glare on TV and computer screens

Have bright lights come in from outside when you’re sitting at your desk trying to work or watch television? Blackout curtains come into play once again here because they will reduce all glares so that it doesn’t bother you while watching TV or studying.

8. Eliminates clutter

Because blackout curtains are dark in color, they are great for hiding any items which are strewn around the house. This way, your rooms will look much more organized without all the clutter on the floor, on tables, and even on window sills.

9. Adds style to your space

Blackout curtains come in different colors so you can easily pick a shade that matches the theme of your room or goes along with existing colors already present there.

10. Provides privacy

Do you have nosy neighbors who love to peek through their windows into yours? If yes, then blackout curtains combined with frosted windows could be just what you need to keep such people at bay and give you that extra bit of privacy which is absolutely essential for peaceful living.
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