Barcode is no longer the technology, hence a tool now. This is now even more easy and efficient to use. This is a user-friendly tool for all companies. The data contained in the code bar is not more than the information of the product reference. Therefore, the barcode helps to scan and gives the information in the computer.

Barcode is consists of two main components: scanners and decoders. A barcode mainly, consisting of bars and space. Each product has a different barcode, having information accordingly. Hence it is a machine that represents the numerals and characters.

Itself, it is the information keeping tool. Stripes are shown below on the packages of the product, or object and so on. Barcodes are basically created in horizontal lines and are in black and white color.


  1. QUIET ZONE – quiet margin is a black zone located at the end of the barcode. The minimal margin between the barcodes should be 2.5mm. The width of the barcode would be sufficient otherwise it must be hard to read by a scanner.
  2. START CHARACTER AND STOP CHARACTER – the stat and the end characters of the barcode represent the start and end data in particular.
  3. DATA (MESSAGE) – the barcode represents the data in numerical and alphabet. They are basically managed from left side.
  4. CHECK DIGIT – it is a numeric value that helps in calculated the read errors. After the barcode data, it adds directly.
  5. BARCODE HEIGHT – the height is recommended as high as the printer allows.


Bar code online finds easy way to come to your door.

Step 1: Register with GS1 India

Step 2: Generate numbers through Quickbarcode

Step 3: Select a barcode printing process

Step 4: Select a “primary” scanning environment

Step 5: Select a barcode

Step 6: Pick a barcode size

Step 7: Format the barcode text

Step 8: Pick a barcode color

Step 9: pick the barcode placement

Step 10: check the barcode quality


Here are some reasons to buy barcodes. Buy barcode seems simple with the right barcode provider. Buying online can help you in this way:-

  1. SAVES MONEY AND TIME- this helps you keep away from more expenditure. There are multiple ways to get barcodes easily for your business. Thus this saves your time also you just need to select the options accordingly. Putting a barcode on your products helps people to trust your items and products. It is commonly used also useful for your product.
  2. GET THE PERFECT IDENTIFICATION OF YOUR PRODUCT – online, this will make everything easy and simple. Also, anyone can get the barcodes on time. Also, you can compare the margin of online barcodes rates with the normal one.


Here are six common barcodes you can get from barcode online.

  1. UPC
  2. Code39
  3. Code 128
  4. 2D barcodes
  5. 1D barcodes
  6. EAN


  1. Saves time
  2. Reduction in errors
  3. Improved operating efficiency
  4. Overall cost savings
  5. Warranty and service tracking
  6. Value added services for customers
  7. Asset inventory control

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