Gel Manicure

There is no need to go professional gel manicure at salons when at-home gel manicure is available. However, some restrict doing it at home as they are fearful of doing it wrong. In reality, at least 50 percent of the women have struggled by doing gel manicures themselves. There is always a correct method to perform any activity. Similarly, when doing a gel manicure at home, there are certain steps to make a successful implementation. 

Before Learning What Supplies Must Be Needed

  • The first thing to put in the bag is the finest LED lamp. A classic UV lamp is also good, but in comparison to an LED lamp, they do not work too well. The LED lamp dries faster and is quite safer for the skin. 
  • Have the Essential Mini Kit in advance, including foundation coat, cuticle oil, topcoat, 100 percent acetone, nail file, and ph bond ( also called rubbing alcohol) 
  • Keep less, but only it’s suggested to opt for high-quality gel nail polish. The quality one will stay over 10 to 12 days easily; otherwise, it deteriorates in a week. 
  • The last key ingredient of the manicure is the angled eyeliner brush. It is used for cleaning cuticles to get a smooth surface for gel nail polish.

Some Useful Home Instructions 

Nail Prep

The first step is to start out with washed & cleaned nails. The nails should be properly cut & dried and free of any cream or lotion.

Rubbing Alcohol Onto Nails

Here, it’s recommended to use a ph bond and apply it for 30 seconds. Rub the alcohol across nails to get a cleanness. The alcohol can be cleaned from a sift tidy cloth or paper towel. Rub the 

Base Coat

Apply one thin coat slowly and then cure it with a LED lamp. This gives the best at-home manicure and makes the procedure a bit faster than it usually takes in the salon. 

Polish Time

Now it’s time to get the gel nail polish done and cure it again with an LED lamp. In case one finds any polish around the skin of the nails, then dip it in the acetone to remove excess polish. The second coat of gel nail polish is suggested only if required. 

Protect with the Top Coat 

For those who want their gel manicure to go over 2 weeks, then the topcoat should not be ignored. Girls usually mess it up with a heavy coat. The top coast should also be thin to get a smooth finishing. 

Wipe off Sticky Residue

Patience is the key to getting a successful home manicure. Prevent touching the nails as soon it’s done as it may be sticky. One cane wipe with a paper towel dipped in the ph bond to remove the stickiness. Gel nail polish at home is then done completely. 

Lastly, How to Remove Gel Nails at Home 

  • Use the coarse nail file to remove the topcoat properly. 
  • Dip the nails in the acetone 
  • Place the acetone cotton ball on every nail and fasten the soak-off clip to the nail to hold it in place. 
  • Remove clips and remove gel nails with the cuticle pusher. 
  • File across to clean any remaining gel. 

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