Amazon owner Jeff Bezos is set to go into space on July 20. Bezos will travel to space with the flight crew of his space company Blue Origin.

His team will also include an 18-year-old teenager who will be the youngest member to go into space. Oliver Deiman has paid २८ 28 million for a space flight with Bezos through a public auction.

Blue Origin had invited applications from around the world for the ticket, with 7,600 people from 159 countries filling out forms.

Joyce Deiman from Sae Axon won the ticket. But when he could not go because of the ‘schedule’, he decided to send his son, who was studying physics, into space.

Oliver Daemen, 18, will be on the New Shepard next week. Credit:
Oliver Dayman
The youngest and oldest astronauts so far will join Jeff Bezos’ space team.

Earlier, the name of an 82-year-old woman traveling to Bezos has been made public. The 82-year-old Wally Funk had been trying to get into space for the past 60 years. He is also a pilot. Even though she had received the necessary training to go into space, she had not yet been able to travel.

But now his dream is coming true. Bezos has decided to take her along on the trip as an ‘unarmed guest’. She will also be the oldest person to travel to Funk Space.

Wally Funk
Blue Origin’s New Sepahard space rocket will reach 100 kilometers above the earth’s surface. New Sepahard’s flight will be sub-orbit (a kind of space flight, where the spacecraft will reach outer space).

It will take passengers on a straight up and down trip, which will reach up to a hundred kilometers. It is also called the Kerman Line, which was designed as the starting point of space under an international agreement.

So far, only 569 people have reached above the Karman line. But with the help of New Sepahard, that number will change dramatically, says Erin Cornell, director of astronaut sales at Blue Origin.

The recent announcement of Blue Origin signals the resumption of space tourism after a gap of 12 years.

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