Aluminum bottles are widely used in daily use, you can see them everywhere, in the kitchen and bathroom, restaurants, shops and so on. Our durable, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant metal bottles offer a cost-efficient and sustainable packaging solution. As their name suggests, these aluminum bottles are compact metal bottles crafted out of high-end and recyclable aluminum. The bottles are made of a thin but durable sheet of aluminum which gives them a lightweight yet sturdy finish. The bottles are popular for their food-safe and BPA-free qualities. Unlike traditional iron bottles, jars, and containers, they furthermore do not rust. This makes aluminum bottles suitable to be used in humid environments such as the bathroom without having to worry about the quality of the bottle being affected.

Aluminum bottles are available in a wide range of different colors and sizes. Due to their affordable price and durable design, they are popular in the food, drinking water, beverage, pet and animal, agriculture, and cosmetic industries. Aluminum bottles match with different types of lids can have different functions. Nowadays, aluminum bottles are popular mostly for their sleek and seamless metal look as well as the fact that they offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to pack your goods, the most important is they are recyclable and eco friendly. No matter how you look at it, aluminum bottles offer a sustainable and stylish alternative to traditional plastic and glass bottles, jars, and containers alike.

FLY Packaging offers different sizes and shapes of aluminum bottles bulk and wholesale. We are the original manufacturers in China with more than 10 years. We know our customers’ needs and help them to design their own branded aluminum packing bottles. We offer our customers the best quality, cheap prices, and lower MOQ. Contact us if you need more samples or prices.

What Are Aluminum Bottles Used For?

Aluminum bottles offer an abundance of innovative packaging solutions for a wide range of companies. Especially companies who are looking for safe packaging that is corrosion-resistant and does not rust prefer aluminum bottles over alternative solutions such as iron and glass jars and containers. All the bottles are 100% rust-resistant, food-safe, and BPA-free. As such, they can be used to safely store any type of product without affecting its quality or taste. The lightweight yet durable body furthermore offers great protection. They are also recyclable and eco friendly, we can call them green packaging. For these reasons, aluminum bottles have become the number one choice of packaging for many companies around the globe. Nowadays, aluminum bottles can mostly be found used for packing food & beverages, cosmetics, agriculture and medical products, however, their popularity is also rapidly increasing across other industries.

Aluminum bottles are so much more than simple packaging. They come with a beautifully sleek appearance and a premium seamless finish. Because of the aluminum structure, the aluminum bottles can furthermore be shaped in any form of your liking and it is possible to add a custom color or print to promote your brand. A beautifully designed and colorful aluminum bottle offers the perfect means for attracting new customers and impressing your competitors.

Custom or personalized aluminum bottles

FLY aluminum bottles can be custom or personalized. Aluminum bottles offer a unique, affordable, and innovative way to differentiate your product from competitors. Thanks to the fact that they can be easily personalized according to your branding needs, they provide you with an unlimited resource for marketing and promotion purposes. The bottles themselves already feature a high-end metallic look and sleek seamless design. When a custom print is added, they are guaranteed to make your product pop and stand out from the crowd. When a custom lid is added, the bottle can in different functions. Either small or large aluminum bottles, we can all make according to your demands..

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