HMD Global bought the Nokia brand a few years ago. At the same time, the company has been releasing the old popular feature phone in a new format. Accordingly, HMD Global has launched the very popular Nokia 6310 feature phone with the latest features.

The company has made many changes in this phone. However, Nokia’s original candy bar design has been maintained since 2001.

The speaker design of the old phone has been given a new look. Also, the new version has a simple oblique slit for the earpiece. The new version of Nokia 5310 has a curved color display in place of the monochrome 6 line display.

Which is bigger than the old phone. A camera has also been added to the back of the new phone. A new variant of the Nokia 6310 is currently available in the European market.

According to Nokia Mobile’s official website, the price of this phone is 59.90 Euros (about eight thousand 392 rupees). It is not yet clear when the Nokia 6310 will go public in other markets, including Nepal.

This is the specification

Speaking of the specifications of this phone, Nokia 6310 has a 2.8 inch display. The phone has a UNISOC 6531F processor, eight MB of RAM and 16 MB of inbuilt storage.

Running on the Series 30 Plus (S30 Plus) operating system, the icons on this phone are larger than ever. Which makes it easier to read and use. It also has a menu zoom feature for ease of reading and use.

The phone also has accessibility mode, which makes the menu more simple. Nokia 6310 has a 0.3 megapixel rear camera. In which LED flash is also given.

The phone also has a microSD slot and can hold a memory card of up to 32 GB. The phone also has features like Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi, dual SIM support and FM radio. The phone has a 1150 mAh capacity battery.

Which is slightly larger than the 2001 battery. Nokia claims that it can get more than 7 hours of talk time. Also can be on standby for several weeks. The battery can also be removed from the phone.

The phone also comes with a charger and a micro USB cable. The new version of Nokia 6310 released by Nokia is available in three color options. But currently the phone is only available in black and dark green.

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