10 commonly asked questions about google adsense

In this article, I will answer the most commonly and frequently asked questions about Google Adsense. These are the most search queries and FAQs related to Adsense on the internet.

These questions are collected from different sources online that the readers are curious about. Plus, the answers are written by one of the most experienced people working in the blogging industry. This is more like an interview with a person who’s been working on Google Adsense for years.

Google Adsense: Commonly Asked Questions

Alright, let’s get started.

1. What is Google Adsense?

Founded in 2003 by Applied Semantics, later owned by Google, Adsense is a native contextual advertising platform for publishers to earn money online by showing different ads. Such advertisements are available in the form of search results, banners, images, videos, and links. Google Adsense is available for individuals blogs, websites, and youtube videos.

2. Is Google Adsense free?

Yes, Google Adsense is 100% free to register. However, the website setup and content creation could charge you a little bit, which is not in the control of Google Adsense and you are sole responsible for what you create.

3. How does Google Adsense Works?

To work on Google Adsense, one must have a website or youtube channel. Then they must publish some content on their platforms, comply with Google’s Publisher Policies, and submit an application. After that, the Adsense team will manually review the site and approve it for displaying advertisements through Google Ads and generate earnings.

4. How long does it take for Adsense to approve?

As per Google, the minimum waiting time to get approved by Adsense is 48 hours after applying for the application. However, it could take longer from 2 weeks to 1 month depending upon the type of website or youtube channel that you’ve submitted.

5. How much does adsense pay per 1000 views?

In terms of Adsense for websites, the number of views does not matter to make money. The things that matter are the valid ad-clicks performed by a reader and the CPC it has, which is the cost per click. However, the CPC depends upon the target country and blog topic. People clicking on ads from Tier 1 countries will generate more revenue than lower-tier countries. CPC is never constant and it varies on different conditions.

Let’s say, you are getting traffic from India and the CPC is $0.1 per click at the rate of 4% CTR. It will roughly produce around 30-40 clicks, which will generate around $4.

As another example, let’s say the traffic is coming from the United States, with a CPC of 0.50 and a Click Through Rate of 5%. That will roughly generate the ad clicks between 40 to 50. Now calculating the numbers with CPC, let’s say 45 clicks, then it will generate around $20-$22.

Therefore, the amount of revenue generated by Google Adsense per thousand views varies in different circumstances.

6. How do I make $100 a day on Adsense?

Let’s be realistic here. Making $100 a day on Adsense requires a lot of patience, time, and work. I’ve already answered how AdSense calculates estimated earnings above. In the second example, I have mentioned a CPC of $0.50, let’s continue with that. At this CPC, you will require approximately around 200 clicks to make $100 with Adsense at a rate of 0.50 CPC.

At this rate, you will require at least 10,000 views on a daily basis to make $100. Bear in mind that CPC and CTR might change any time when the traffic goes up and down. Playing on the safe side, you will require an average of estimated 20K-30K pageviews with good CTR from developed tier 1 countries to make $100 per day from Adsense.

7. Can Google Adsense make you rich?

Absolutely yes. There are people who’ve become millionaires overnight by using Google Adsense and doing event blogging. Google generates billions of revenues every month from advertisements.

8. What is the best way to earn money from Adsense?

For me, download sites are the best way to earn money from Adsense. People are in a rush to click on somewhere for downloading items. However, it is very difficult to maintain a download site without affecting our AdSense account from invalid click activities. In addition to that, niche-specific sites with high search volume and event blogging are the best ways to earn money from Google Adsense.

9. What is the payment threshold for Google Adsense?

You must earn at least $100 in your AdSense account to withdraw the money. The earnings are evaluated on the 21st of every month and sent to the publishers on their preferred payment methods within the next 7 days. The payment methods include bank wire transfer, Western Union, and Cheque.

10. How can I get adsense approval?

In order to get AdSense approval, you should have a website or YouTube channel and the process is different for both platforms. Here I will explain a few key points about approving Adsense on a website. You must complete the following steps:

  • Niche and Keyword Research
  • Website Setup and Security
  • Improve Design, layout, structure, and load time
  • Create pages and content – around 30+ blog posts
  • Optimize the content following Google’s webmaster’s guidelines
  • Publish value-added content
  • Apply for Google Adsense

If you are wondering how to complete all the above steps of the AdSense approval process, check out the result-oriented 11 steps guide for Adsense approval.


That’s it! Those are the top 10 most frequently asked questions about Google Adsense that have been answered. If you want to ask any additional questions, please mention them on the comments box below.

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