One important part of the Google ecosystem is Google Drive. Google offers 15 GB of free storage to store your files in the cloud. You can save your files as well as store photos.

Google Drive is also a great way to share your files. But when you share your audio file, you can only listen to that audio, you don’t have the right to download it.

However, Google is slowly adding updates to Drive’s audio feature. Google has added a notification control system to the latest update to Drive’s audio feature.

This means that if you are now listening to any audio via Google Drive, you no longer need to stay in the drive. Now the audio of Google Drive can be heard in the notification bar while running other apps. The audio can also be played and paused as desired.

This feature was not previously available for audio in Google Drive. Of course, no one uses Google Drive as the main app to listen to audio.

So even if it doesn’t affect the user much, it will be very useful in case you have to listen to the audio of the drive while using other apps for some time. For this you can update your Google Drive from Google Play Store.

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