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Benefits of the custom print mylar bag

Best-selling custom mirror package

Custom printed mylar bags and Mylar packages are one of the best-selling care packs. For customers looking for unprinted bags in stock size, we offer 8 color options and 6 or more standard bag size Mylar packages.

To protect against heat, light, moisture, oxygen, and mice, custom mirror packages have revolutionized the way food and other materials package, stored, and sold. Available in a variety of styles, including flat pouches, stand-up pouches, and child resistance pouches.

From dried fruits and granola to coffee and tea to a variety of file laminates perfect for a variety of products, Mylar bag printing, and Mylar packages are ideal for many applications.

Make your brand stand out

What is a Mylar bag? Why are they one of the most common types of barrier packages? As market competition intensifies, you need to make sure that your brand is impressive and different from other brands.

Save time on labeling

Ordering a custom printed Mylar bag from Carepack is easy and affordable.  Also, almost all of our stock Mylar packages are proudly made in the United States. If another company tells you that it can’t be done, please contact us to find out how we can implement your design specifications.

Mirror bag for food storage

Mylar bags used for food preservation have revolutionized the way foods preserve in the long run. The main ways food affects by long-term storage are heat, light, humidity, oxygen, and rats. Mirror bags do not replace food-grade storage buckets in suitable food storage containers. But they are useful in all of these cases.

Mirror bags are used to line food-grade buckets and containers, and the presence of oxygen scavengers allows you to optimally store your food investment. Mylar bags can seal with a regular cloth iron.

All Mylar bags, including zip lock bags and stand-up pouch bags, design for heat sealing.

The difference in mylar bag

We designed and manufactured the bag ourselves. This means managing all the elements of quality from start to finish. For 14 years, we have provided Mylar bags as a proven method for long-term food storage. Our Mylar bag is at least 5.4mm thick and has a complete aluminum foil layer core (.00035). In addition to spraying on metallic polyester made by other manufacturers, we also make Mylar bags.

Flatten mylar bags, fold them once, or wrap them by hand with food-grade wrap. Do not double the bag. The aluminum layer can puncture and defeat. All Mylar bags use FDA and USDA-compliant liner components for secure food communications. Note that all small ziplock bags. With the exception of the 18 “x 28” bag, are bag style and can stand out at the end.

Custom mylar bag

Many companies are moving away from the old technology of bottles and boxes to custom flexible packaging.

Customizing the size and printing your own custom Mylar bag is the best way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. The Mylar Bag artwork will greatly help customers make direct purchase decisions online.

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