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The steady growth in the popularity of e-commerce over a past decade has made many aspiring entrepreneurs incline towards this online business. And, the competition in the e-commerce market is so intense and so you got to be very clear with your brand strategy. With e-commerce giants acquiring most of the market, many entrepreneurs are looking to build an ecommerce platform to capitalize on this explosive online sales growth environment. So if you are about to sell a product or to list a service, building an E-commerce platform is essential for it to capitalize on this explosive online sales growth environment.

ecommerce script
ecommerce script

 The easy access to technology has brought a plethora of options to choose from. Among that, utilizing a readymade eCommerce script would be a righteous choice. This is because using a readymade ecommerce script helps to reduce the cost and time of an app from scratch.  But, do you know how to choose the right ecommerce script?  Stick with me to know the factors to consider while choosing the best e-commerce platform for your business. Also, let us discuss the FAQs of setting an e-commerce business.

How to choose the perfect ecommerce script 

While building your e-commerce platform with ecommerce script remember these essential attributes that can help you impress and retain the users.


Why this first? The design of your app is the first thing a user will get to see and all other things next. If users feel complicated on the flow and purpose then they may readily leave. Don’t fill it with a lot of animations to make it fancy nor with contents for more information. Try to keep it simple and clean.


On a shopping cart, it is essential for you to collect the user details that even includes their credit/debit card details. And for making the process little easier when they return for next time you can suggest them to save their card details for easy checkout. But ensure security in all cases and insist users that all their data are safe and it won’t be revealed or used for any purpose.

Quality images

An image can speak a lot than any assuring words. So when sellers list their products for sale request them to post a good quality image for the product and not the images which they captured using their mobile camera. Posting a quality image not helps the sellers also enhances your brand image.

Social Login

Provide a hassle-free way to signup and login. Who doesn’t have an account on social media now?. So place the social media API and let users to signup and login using their existing account. This idea does not suit only for login. It can also let users share products with connections on their social network.

Abandoned carts

The abandoned carts have got the least rate of returning back. So, maximize the user anticipating options and minimize the possibility of abandoning. Mostly the users are abandoning while checking out so provide all alternatives and proceed towards the transaction and consider about having the inbuilt wallet.

Identical Script

Every ecommerce website is unique on its looks and its features. But the tagline of every ecommerce business is to provide best UX in the world of online shopping. So every entrepreneurs are striving hard and looking for features that will assure best UX. On that way there are many script available on market and that may have many fascinating features on it. But when it matters most, on real time it may let you down. So you will need a script that has features which is tested on real time, to assure you a best platform for business.

Customization options

It is unworthy to build an ecommerce platform that has same looks as prevailing apps on the market. So, to stand out among the crowd, you must choose an ecommerce script that is in built with attractive features and have customization options. 

  • It must support to include add ons to manage sales, profit and inventory, instead of looking upon app every time.

  • It should support to include themes. Although the app provides defaultly the best theme it must have an option to change theme as per your wish.

  • It must have modules like search filter or any, can be added or removed as per your need.

  • It should support to include multiple payment gateway option.

  • It must have an option to support revenue-generating features like seller basis commission, Ad banner, Google Ads, and so on.

So these are the major attributes you need to consider for a successful e-commerce business. As I mentioned before, let us see about the FAQs.

ecommerce script
ecommerce business

Some important FAQs about setting up an ecommerce business

Is it easy to set up and use?

Look for an online platform with which you don’t have any hassles in the setup process to get your business live right away.

Is it flexible to all your needs?

Readymade e-commerce solutions might have everything you require for your business. But to add something and to implement your own ideas at any point on your business it requires the endless customization option.

Does it have a good business model whilst assuring best UX?

See whether it requires your concern at all stages or does it automates the process and makes your life easy at the same time without compromising on assuring the best UX.

Does it have any addons to boost your business?

On shopping, a user may abandon a cart and leave the site at instances. At that time look for an added feature to remind you about the abandoned cart and email marketing tools, etc to boost your business.

Does it requires continuous maintenance or be carefree after setup?

Seamless performance and operation are mandatory. So be sure about the required maintenance.

Check if any limits or restriction prevails?

Check the readymade/customizable online shopping cart package you are going to purchase has got any limits on transactions or limits on products that can be handled in a single month.

Are integrations possible?

If you are already owning a physical store then check for the integrations so that you can integrate and manage all your data of the physical store from there.

Is it necessary to prioritize the customer data security?

Look out for data backup space which can come in handy in case of any unexpected outages happen. And give utmost priority for the customer data security, assurance on security builds your reliability.

Is it a challenging task to start an ecommerce business?

Starting an ecommerce business is a challenge, but if you have figured out your needs on a right scale then it is effortless to find a solution for your need, though from multiple options. So plan ahead of time and choose your platform that can help you find success. But before everything take a look at one of the best ecommerce platform which has got everything and can exactly fit in any needs of E-commerce business.

ecommerce script
Ecommerce Script appkodes-FANTACY

Final Words

And yes, you have reached the final section of the article. As mentioned earlier, if you have figured out your needs on a right scale then it is effortless to find a perfect ecommerce script. Therefore, getting an exact one amidst them is just a piece of cake when you get connected with Appkodes. Appkodes is the right place to get the top-notch ecommerce script that suits your online business needs.  So, without any second thought, grab your desired ecommerce script from Appkodes and build a unique ecommerce platform within your budget.

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