how to fyp on tiktok

The existence of TikTok this time has really bewitched almost all people in the world, especially teenagers. Therefore, it is not surprising that so many people are doing everything they can to FYP on TikTok. Not only because you want to be famous on social media, but being an FYP can also make money. For those of you who want the video to go viral in this application, you can see the ways in the following review. 

– Follow the trend

how to fyp on tiktok

The first way that can be done is to follow the trend. Where there are currently a lot of unique trends that can be tried. Like trying makeup tips with lipstick applied to one face, dancing using viral songs , and much more. These tips allow your uploaded videos to enter FYP in just a short time. However, it should be noted that entering FYP is usually unique content and can have a positive impact on other users. 

– Pay attention to when to upload content 

how to fyp on tiktok

Another tip that can be followed is to pay attention to the time when you upload content. Because, every day TikTok has a different prime time . Reporting from sound , prime time  ticktock is as follows; Monday (12.00-13.00), Tuesday (15.00-16.00), Wednesday (11.00 & 21.00), Thursday (12.00-13.00, 15.00, 20.00-23.00), Friday (11.00, 13.00, 19.00-23.00), Saturday (09.00 and 12.00) ), Sunday (all day). However, the time can change at any time. So, stay up to date with prime time from TikTok. 

– Pay attention to writing captions 

how to fyp on tiktok
Then, you also need to pay attention to writing captions . It would be better if the caption was related to the video you uploaded. In addition, try the caption in the form of a question sentence so that it invites interaction from the video audience. The more comments given, the greater the chance to enter FYP. 

– Upload a short video with a clear delivery 

how to fyp on tiktok

Most of the viewers would prefer to see short videos. Well, you can really apply this to your content so that it enters the FYP. However, here you also need to pay attention that your video delivery must be clear, don’t just focus on making the audience curious. 

– Using hashtags

The role of hashtags is very influential so that videos can enter FYP. The reason is because many TikTok users are looking for content using hashtags . The hashtags that are widely used are #trending #trendingnow #following the trending hashtag #fyp #fyp? #fypage #fypchallenge #fypindonesia. 

  • Collaboration with other  content creators

how to fyp on tiktok

Another trick that can be done is to make videos with other content creators . Create unique content with it, so that the video is more interesting and will certainly invite many viewers. Usually, content like this will be more crowded if it is also commented on by the creator you invite a duet with. 

  • Using music that’s going viral on TikTok 

how to fyp on tiktok

Music can also make content enter into FYP. The trick is to add a TikTok song that is currently viral. You can download tiktok musin in dragonrest This way, the TikTok algorithm will read the video and offer it to FYP other users whose musical tastes match your content. 

  • A lot of interaction with other TikTok users 

how to fyp on tiktok

To go viral, don’t just focus on your content. But you also have to interact with other TikTok users. It can be by giving likes or comments on other users’ content so that they can also provide feedback . Who knows they will be curious about your account and can become your new follower . However, provide a polite comment so that you are not labeled negatively by other users, okay? 

Those are some ways to FYP on TikTok. Maybe the content doesn’t skyrocket as soon as you’d like. However, wait for the process because it will produce maximum results according to your efforts. Continue to produce positive work without harming yourself and others, yes. 

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