8 Smartphone Apps That Are a Charm after a Long Day

What to do when you have had a frustrating day at work? When your boss has tested the limits of your patience? Turn to your smartphones, of course! Our smartphones are those remarkable blessings that we turn to whenever we feel lost, sad, frustrated, or happy even.

But which apps are actually worth turning to? The default apps on your smartphones may not be enough to get the job done. That is why we thought to bring you the perfect smartphone apps that you can always rely on no matter how rough a day you might have had. Let’s see what those are.


Even though you can always rely on your Optimum TV subscription to satisfy your hunger for entertainment, sometimes you want content exclusive to independent platforms. Thus, Netflix is, without a doubt, the best smartphone app to turn to on almost every occasion. With its rich library of vibrant content, all sorrows and sadness can easily be forgotten. Thus, having this app at your disposal is a must at all times.

The thing that makes this app so great is that is filled with appealing content from almost every genre imaginable which piques the interest of almost every person in the home. You just have to make sure to combine it with reliable internet services such as the ones showcased on the BuyTVInternetPhone platform. Because buffering and poor display quality can ruin the experience completely. Simply hop on to this exceptional platform and explore your connectivity possibilities.

Call of Duty®: Mobile

Watching movies and TV shows is all well and good, but sometimes you need to blow off some steam by annihilating enemies with deadly assault rifles and insanely powerful shotguns. Call of Duty: Mobile or COD Mobile is the game that best serves this purpose.

COD Mobile is a battle royale game that comprises up to 100 players in a single match. Upon landing, the players have to instantly start searching for loot to be able to survive until the last safe zone. Thus, this is another must-have app on all smartphones.


When you are down in the dumps after being completely thrashed at the workplace, you might be able to benefit from an instant morale boost. TED is the perfect platform where you can get your daily dose of motivation.

This amazing app is home to a multitude of exceptional motivational speeches that are delivered by the world’s most inspirational people. You will be able to find speeches on all kinds of amazing topics by remarkable people having dealt with some unbelievable life situations.

Dadish 2

Taking things down a notch, Dadish 2 is a highly entertaining mobile game about a radish dad. The game features a retro environment where this radish dad is on a journey to find all his missing children after a ‘Bring your children to work’ day goes off course. Throughout the game, you will have to go through 50 incredible levels, all of which feature fast food-themed enemies wreaking havoc in your way.

Among Us

Among Us is a relatively new mobile game that has taken the world by storm. In this delightfully suspenseful game, you arrive on a spaceship with up to 9 other crewmates. However, among

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