In any modern office, the meeting rooms are very important. These rooms are helpful in:

  • Performing various business functions
  • Entertaining new clients
  • Collaborating and branching out of employees
  • Making vital decisions
  • Shaping brand identity
  • Bringing new products to life

In spite of the availability of so many meeting rooms, sometimes the employees do not like to meet there. Now I am going to describe 7 ways to maximize your conference room.

  1. Keep the procedure of booking simple – A number of companies think that it will be good for the employees if they can book meeting rooms with great ease. Don’t make it complicated or convoluted to book meeting rooms, otherwise employees will take very little or no interest in booking these. Make the booking procedure so simple that just by using email, booking the tech, catering and room will be very easy for the employees. When the employees will not feel any difficulty in booking then they will definitely like to use the conference room.
  2. Provide the information about the availability of the meeting rooms to the employees – The usage of meeting rooms can increase if the information about the availability of these rooms is given in an updated form to the employees. There are various ways of giving this information to the employees:
  • At the system of booking, leave information about the availability of room
  • At the room’s outer side place digital signage giving all the details about its availability

If the room is not busy then the possibility of the employees using it increases.

  1. keep it clean always – If it is tidy then a lot of employees will take interest in arranging a meeting there. The employees will like to use it if it has clean furniture, all the equipment present there are in proper working condition and it is completely tidy and clean. Suppose, it has a chair that is broken or from an earlier meeting, some food is spread here and there then the employees will not take any interest in using the broken chair or cleaning the room.
  2. Provide necessary technology in it and make it completely functional – You can grab the attention of the employees towards it by providing necessary technology in it. The possibility of the employees to use it will increase when they will see the various types of technology in it. You have to make sure that the software and tech function properly. If you will provide these facilities in a few rooms only, then most of the employees will take interest in using those rooms only. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the facilities in all rooms so that there can be proper utilization of all rooms.
  3. Make availability of open space – For increasing the utilization of meeting room you can get a lot of help if you make availability of open space. When you will do this then for arranging important meetings only, the rooms will be available and for other purposes, the employees will use open spaces. So, for all the important meetings the rooms will always be available and the employees will definitely use them.
  4. Make the room available for virtual meetings – If someone cannot come to attend the meeting physically then you can make arrangements for him to virtually attend the meeting in a conference room. By using Adobe software, you can do this. For the remote employees, you can make the necessary arrangements by shifting the desks away and placing the necessary equipment there. Then the employees can attend the meeting from far areas.
  5. Make the conference room comfortable for the employees – If you want to increase the utilization of the meeting rooms then you have to make them more comfortable. Make sure that the air conditioners work properly in the summer season and heaters work properly in the winter season. Use comfortable furniture so that the employees do not have any problems while using them. Place flower pots at the center of the table so that employees feel good after seeing them and can focus on the meeting in a light mood.

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