7 Things You Should Do In Money Safe While Travelling Anywhere (1)

If you are travelling abroad, it can be difficult for you to keep your money safe. You may look for different ways to hide your money. It can be challenging to manage your expenses if you lose out on your money for some reason. Your travelling plans can go in vain.

Money Handling Tips

While planning your trip, do not let your planning go in vain because of money tension. You can use many ways to keep your money safe with you and fund your expenses. While travelling, your financial data and personal data may be at risk.

Pickpockets often glue their eyes on tourists and stay ready to con new people. Many people borrow various loans, such as loans with CCJ, to fund their trips. It is all the extra essential for them to safeguard their money. Hence, you have to be careful and take all the precautions while travelling.

Tips for Handling Money while Travelling

  • Use limited cash and more credit card

Use limited cash and more credit card

While travelling, one of the most important tips is using limited cash and using more of your credit card. There are numerous gains of using your credit card while on tour.

If you are using your credit card, it will save you from many unauthorised expenses. Carrying cash has more chances of getting lost or stolen, and you are likely to spend more than required.

It is advisable to carry a credit card with less transaction fee as using more credit cards can attract more transaction fees.

If your wallet gets stolen, there is no substitute for cash, whereas, for your credit card, you can get it blocked and get a new one issued. Also, you do not have to deal with any charges for getting a new card issued.

  • Do not prefer secluded ATMs

Do not prefer secluded ATM’s for withdrawing your cash. If you are in a new place, it is advisable to stay away from ATM’s that are there at a secluded place. Keep your visibility more.

You can visit an ATM for your cash withdrawal during the daytime and stay safe with your money. You can choose ATM’s nearby your hotel area or at a place surrounded by more people.

You may not expect a theft at the ATM, but it can be a source of a major theft at a new place. It is advisable to look for ATM’s that are nearby a bank branch or are on the bank premises. They are the safest options that you can go for withdrawal.

  • Make use of the Money Belt

You can use a money belt and its derivatives to keep your cash safe. Use derivatives such as crocheted money pouches, bra stash, or you can buy travel underwear. You can use these to store money and keep them safe.

If you store your money, you reduce the chances of theft and can enjoy your trip smoothly. Along with money, you can keep your passport and other important documents in that money belt and keep them safe.

  • Hide and Divide

You can divide the total money and hide at different places whenever you wish to carry cash. You can keep 1 or 2 pouches and keep your money safe.

For example, you can keep one pouch with some money in your luggage bag, while you can keep the other pouch in your handbag. This way, your money is dividing and is safe too.

God forbidden, if your one bag is stolen, you have the other way to survive on your trip to a new place. Also, you can lock your luggage bag and make it safe. It will make it less accessible for people around.

  • Keep Small Bills with you

You can keep a small number of bills with you as they are easier to exchange, and also, they do not get any eyes rolling at a new place. If you are in a new place, you can avoid big bills and stay safe.

If you carry massive bills along, they can be difficult to get in exchange. If you have borrowed CCJ unsecured loans, you can get the amount transferred to your account. You can withdraw money from ATM, and if you get bigger currency, you can get it exchanged for smaller currency bills and enjoy your trip.

  • Look for unaccounted Charges

As mentioned above, you should use more credit or debit cards and use less cash. If you use credit cards, certain unaccounted charges may be billed on your credit card. Look for all the charges. Whenever you return from your trip, you can check your statements to know about any fraud and other unaccounted charges.

  • Don’t Be Naive

You have to be smart and vigilant about your money and other stuff to stay safe from any theft or fraud at a new place. Take all the crucial steps beforehand and make assured that you are regarding all the safety protocols. Do not make purchases in secluded areas. Always go for areas surrounded by people.


With all the points and precautions in mind, you can travel safely worldwide and make your trip memorable.

Once you have learnt the art of safeguarding your money on a trip, you can travel anywhere you wish to. Do not fall prey to thefts and frauds and take all the safety measures.

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